little, small, tiny
careful, cautious, tentative
quick, slow
large, long
final, last

He took a final sip of his coffee before leaving.

drink, have, take

I took a little sip of my drink.

sip from

He took a sip from his glass.

sip of

a sip of coffee

in sips

He drank the brandy in sips.

quietly, silently
calmly, casually

‘Oh yes?’ she asked, calmly sipping her drink.

She sat in the warm sun, casually sipping champagne.

daintily, delicately, gingerly
pause to

She paused to sip her tea.


He sipped at his beer thoughtfully.


She sipped from her glass of water.


Luther continued sipping on his coffee.

Sip is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ale, ↑beer, ↑brandy, ↑can, ↑champagne, ↑chocolate, ↑cider, ↑cocktail, ↑coffee, ↑coke, ↑cup, ↑drink, ↑gin, ↑glass, ↑juice, ↑liquid, ↑mug, ↑pint, ↑sherry, ↑soda, ↑tea, ↑water, ↑whisky, ↑wine

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

(a littie at a time), / , (in small quantities) / , , ,

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