appear, be, look, prove, seem, sound
keep sth, make sth

When creating your design, keep it simple.

Is all this technology making our lives simpler?

find sth

I found the work fairly simple.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

Don't worry—it's all very simple.

amazingly, breathtakingly (esp. BrE), incredibly, remarkably
devastatingly (esp. BrE)

The logic of the plan was devastatingly simple.

comparatively, relatively
apparently, seemingly

This seemingly simple task ended up taking hours.

deceptively, disarmingly, surprisingly

a deceptively simple technique

beautifully, elegantly

The engine design is elegantly simple.

brilliantly, wonderfully (both esp. BrE)

It is a brilliantly simple idea.


Their approach is refreshingly simple and direct.

Simple is used with these nouns: ↑addition, ↑affair, ↑analogy, ↑answer, ↑arithmetic, ↑assertion, ↑calculation, ↑carbohydrate, ↑case, ↑ceremony, ↑choice, ↑chore, ↑classification, ↑command, ↑common sense, ↑comparison, ↑component, ↑compound, ↑concept, ↑construction, ↑conversation, ↑correlation, ↑cottage, ↑courtesy, ↑creature, ↑curiosity, ↑decency, ↑demonstration, ↑description, ↑design, ↑device, ↑diagram, ↑dish, ↑distinction, ↑division, ↑dress, ↑economics, ↑elegance, ↑enjoyment, ↑equation, ↑errand, ↑example, ↑exercise, ↑experiment, ↑explanation, ↑expression, ↑fact, ↑fairness, ↑faith, ↑fare, ↑fix, ↑folk, ↑food, ↑form, ↑formula, ↑fracture, ↑funeral, ↑gesture, ↑graphics, ↑greed, ↑guide, ↑guideline, ↑idea, ↑illusion, ↑illustration, ↑indicator, ↑instruction, ↑interest, ↑joy, ↑kindness, ↑language, ↑life, ↑logic, ↑luxury, ↑majority, ↑map, ↑maths, ↑matter, ↑maxim, ↑meal, ↑measure, ↑mechanics, ↑mechanism, ↑melody, ↑menu, ↑message, ↑method, ↑mistake, ↑misunderstanding, ↑model, ↑molecule, ↑motif, ↑narrative, ↑notion, ↑observation, ↑organism, ↑outline, ↑philosophy, ↑pleasure, ↑plot, ↑precaution, ↑presentation, ↑problem, ↑procedure, ↑proposition, ↑prose, ↑question, ↑questionnaire, ↑reason, ↑recipe, ↑reflection, ↑remedy, ↑reply, ↑request, ↑rule, ↑search, ↑sentence, ↑shape, ↑shrug, ↑situation, ↑sketch, ↑slogan, ↑solution, ↑soul, ↑spreadsheet, ↑statement, ↑strategy, ↑structure, ↑subject, ↑sugar, ↑suggestion, ↑system, ↑tale, ↑task, ↑taste, ↑technique, ↑test, ↑thank you, ↑thing, ↑tip, ↑tool, ↑trick, ↑truth, ↑way, ↑word, ↑word processing, ↑yes

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