likely, plausible, possible, realistic

The more likely scenario is that interest rates will rise.

common, familiar, typical
future, hypothetical
optimistic, rosy
best-case, ideal, perfect, win-win (esp. AmE)
frightening, grim, pessimistic
apocalyptic, doomsday, nightmare, worst, worst-case
dramatic, interesting
alternative, different
consider, imagine
construct, create, develop
describe, outline, paint, present

the scenario painted by some sections of the Western press

offer, propose, suggest
enact, play out

He enjoyed playing out the various scenarios in his own mind.

play out (esp. AmE), unfold

Similar scenarios are playing out across the country.

in a/the scenario

In a worst-case scenario, the disease will reach epidemic proportions.

under a/the scenario

Under any of these scenarios, the company will run into debt.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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