1 for effort, etc.
great, high, huge, rich

Top athletes enjoy rich rewards.

fitting, just
poor, scant (both esp. BrE)

It was a poor reward for years of devoted service.


Victory brought glory as well as more tangible rewards.

economic, financial, material, monetary
earn, enjoy, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive

We are just starting to reap the rewards of careful planning.

bring, have, provide, yield

Hard work usually brings its own rewards.


You deserve a reward for all your efforts.

as a reward

Give yourself some time off as a reward.

reward for

a reward for hard work

rewards for employees who do their jobs well

reward enough

The look on her face when I told her was reward enough.

reward and punishment
be its own reward, have its own reward

Virtue is its own reward.

2 for helping the police
big, huge, large, substantial
$20 000, £10 000, etc.
offer, put up (esp. BrE)
give sb, pay sb
collect, get, receive
reward for

There is a reward for information leading to an arrest.

verb (often be rewarded)
amply, generously, greatly (esp. AmE), handsomely, highly, richly, well

You will be handsomely rewarded for your loyalty.

highly rewarded occupations (= those that pay well)

duly, properly

We must make sure that effort is properly rewarded.

eventually, finally

He was duly rewarded for his outstanding contribution to the arts.


The rats are rewarded with food when they press the lever.

Her efforts were rewarded with a medal.

Reward is used with these nouns as the object: ↑behaviour, ↑effort, ↑employee, ↑excellence, ↑loyalty, ↑perseverance, ↑shareholder, ↑stockholder

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