draconian, harsh, severe, strict, stringent, strong, tight, tough
major, significant
petty (esp. BrE)

The removal of petty restrictions has made life easier.


arbitrary restrictions on medicines

additional, further

free movement of goods between member countries without any artificial restrictions

local, state
contractual (esp. BrE)
constitutional (esp. AmE), federal, government, governmental (esp. AmE), legal, legislative, regulatory (esp. AmE), statutory (esp. BrE)
access, security
budgetary, financial
copyright, deed (AmE), land-use (AmE), ownership (esp. AmE)
age, height, speed, time, weight
abortion (esp. AmE), advertising, environmental, gun, parking, reporting (BrE)
export, import, trade
flight, immigration, travel, visa
religious, social (esp. AmE), speech (AmE)
food, water

the dietary restrictions of Judaism

By following certain dietary restrictions, these children can lead normal lives.


the health benefits of calorie restriction

create, impose, introduce, place, put, set

plans to create further vehicle restrictions in the city

The government has introduced tough new import restrictions.

He doesn't put any restrictions on me.


They have the potential to enforce restrictions such as no smoking policies.


a Senate bill that seeks to tighten restrictions on coal plant emissions

ease, loosen (esp. AmE), relax

The restriction was relaxed in 2002.

eliminate (esp. AmE), lift, remove

The press asked for restrictions on reporting the war to be lifted.

be subject to

The right of sale is subject to certain restrictions.

affect sth, apply

The 30 mph speed restriction applies in all built-up areas.

limit sth

restrictions that limit access to land and raw materials

prevent sth

Confidentiality restrictions prevent me from giving any names.

order (BrE, law)
with restriction

They had to live for a month with certain restrictions on their freedom of movement.

with no restriction, without restriction

Citizens of the EU can travel without restriction within the EU.

restriction of

another instance of the restriction of basic civil liberties

restriction on, restriction upon

The regulations were seen as a restriction on personal freedom.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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