1 limit/control on sth

agreements on voluntary export restraints


What happens when the conventional restraints on human cruelty are removed?


Sometimes the care workers need to use physical restraint on the hospital patients.

budget, budgetary, economic, financial, fiscal, monetary, pay (esp. BrE), spending, wage (esp. BrE)

the government's need to exercise fiscal restraint

talks on voluntary wage restraint

constitutional, government, judicial, legal, political, regulatory
cultural, moral, social
unconstitutional, unlawful

guilty of the charge of unlawful restraint


We did the best we could within the limited time restraints.


They balked at the notion of prior restraints on research.

impose, use
without restraint

Prices continued to rise without restraint.

restraint on, restraint upon

The government imposed restraints on spending.

2 behaving in a calm/moderate way
considerable, great, remarkable
emotional, sexual

Somehow I had the restraint not to tell Peter that.

exercise, practise/practice, use

Journalists have exercised remarkable restraint in not reporting all the sordid details of the case.

The media should have used more restraint in disclosing his private life.

demonstrate, exhibit, show
call for, urge

The role requires a certain restraint.


He abandoned all restraint and yelled at the top of his lungs.

with restraint

They reacted with restraint.

without restraint

Finally he was able to cry properly, without restraint.

restraint by

The government called for restraint by both sides.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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