1 admiration
considerable, deep, enormous, great, high, profound, tremendous

a relationship based on mutual respect

new, new-found
feel, have, hold sb in

She held him in considerable respect.

command, earn (sb), gain (sb), garner (esp. AmE), get, inspire, win (sb)

a society in which age commands great respect

demand, deserve
respect for

He felt a grudging respect for her talents as an organizer.

2 respectful behaviour/behavior
great, utmost
due, proper

the respect due to his great age

decent (AmE)
accord sb/sth, pay (sb/sth), show (sb/sth), treat sb/sth with

the respect accorded to her memory

He treats his grandparents with great respect.

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool—it should be treated with respect. (esp. BrE)

out of respect

We observed a minute's silence out of respect for the disaster victims.

with respect

With all due respect, I think you've misunderstood what he said.

a lack of respect

to show a lack of respect for authority

a mark of respect, a sign of respect, a token of respect
3 detail/point
crucial, important, key, significant
differ in

There was one respect, however, in which they differed.

be alike in, be identical in, be similar in, resemble sth in
in … respect

The report is accurate in all material respects.

in respect of (= concerning)

A writ was served on the company in respect of their unpaid bill.

with respect to (= concerning)

The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.

in all, many, some, several, etc. respects, in every respect

In many respects she is like her mother.

The marriage was a disaster in every respect.

in this respect

In this respect he cannot be criticized.

1 admire sb/sth
deeply, greatly, really, very much

She is widely respected as a politician.


She was much respected for her knowledge of herbs.

be highly respected, be much respected, be very respected, be well respected

a highly respected doctor

be internationally respected, be universally, be widely respected

WWF is internationally respected for its conservation work.

2 pay attention to sth
promise to, undertake to (esp. BrE)

The government has promised to respect human rights.

fail to

Her daughters failed to respect her last wishes.

a duty to respect sth
failure to respect sth
Respect is used with these nouns as the object: ↑authority, ↑belief, ↑confidentiality, ↑custom, ↑decision, ↑dignity, ↑diversity, ↑father, ↑judgement, ↑law, ↑limit, ↑point of view, ↑privacy, ↑religion, ↑right, ↑sovereignty, ↑tradition, ↑view, ↑wish

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