exorbitant, high

The tenants were not prepared to pay the higher rents demanded.

affordable, cheap, low
nominal, peppercorn (BrE)
free (esp. AmE)

They get free rent in return for taking care of the house.


Discontent resulted from sharply rising rents.


They weren't paying market rent on the properties.

annual, monthly, weekly (esp. BrE)

The initial rent will be reviewed annually.

back, unpaid
apartment (esp. AmE), ground (in the UK), house, housing, land, office

He couldn't afford the rent by himself.

be behind with, fall behind with, owe

You put your tenancy at risk if you fall behind with the rent.


The rent charged depends largely on the size and locality of the property.


The landlord came around to collect the month's rent.


The company receives rent on local property that it owns.


The rent will be fixed at 18% of the market value of the property.

increase, push up, put up (esp. BrE), raise

The large stores have pushed up the rents in the area.

The new lease will put her rent up to £200 a week.

calculate, determine
be due, be payable (esp. BrE)

The rent is due on the last day of the quarter.

go up, increase, rise

Their rent has increased from $25 200 to $28 600 a year.

money, payment
book (BrE)

We gave tenants rent books.

arrears (BrE)
levels (esp. BrE)

They took the landlord to court over increasing rent levels.

increase, rise (esp. BrE)
review (BrE)
allowance (esp. BrE), rebate (BrE), subsidy (esp. AmE)
control (esp. in AmE)
collector, man (BrE)
in rent

The company has paid out a lot of money in rent.

rent for

The rent for the house is affordable.

rent from

They earned rent from their property in London.

rent on

the rent on a factory

arrears of rent (BrE, law)

to be liable for arrears of rent

for rent (esp. AmE)

There was a sign saying ‘Room for rent’

a month's, a year's, etc. rent
the non-payment of rent, the payment of rent

The movement advocated the non-payment of rent and taxes.

Rent is used with these nouns as the object: ↑apartment, ↑bicycle, ↑bike, ↑boat, ↑car, ↑condominium, ↑cottage, ↑DVD, ↑facility, ↑flat, ↑helicopter, ↑house, ↑land, ↑movie, ↑property, ↑room, ↑ski, ↑tuxedo, ↑vehicle, ↑video, ↑villa

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