1 removal of anxiety/pain
considerable, deep, enormous, great, huge, immense, intense, overwhelming, tremendous

The news of his appointment was received with a certain relief by most people.

short-lived, short-term, temporary

The drugs only provided temporary relief from the pain.

fast, immediate, instant
evident, obvious, palpable

She smiled with evident relief.

Their relief at the news was palpable.

blessed, much-needed, sweet, welcome

The injection gives complete pain relief.

symptom, symptomatic (both medical)

Your doctor can give you symptomatic relief, but there is no cure.


Exercise is good for stress relief.

bring (sb), give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

Morning brought no relief from the heat.

come as

The news came as a welcome relief to Bobby.


She sought relief in vodka.

find, get

He found relief from his fears in a world of fantasy.

experience, feel

I felt enormous relief when he walked through the door.


She could sense his relief when she said she wouldn't be leaving.


He believes that relief only comes from helping others with their suffering.

flood through sb, sweep over sb, wash over sb

Relief flooded through me as the plane landed safely.

valve (esp. AmE)

a pressure relief valve

in relief

She smiled in relief.

out of relief

He hugged her out of sheer relief.

to your relief

To my great relief, she didn't notice that anything was wrong.

with relief

He sighed with relief.

relief at

relief at not having been made a fool of

relief from

relief from hunger

relief to

The news was a huge relief to her.

a cry of relief, a sigh of relief, tears of relief

He breathed a sigh of relief.

a sense of relief, a wave of relief
2 food/money/medicine given to people in need
disaster, emergency
famine, flood, hurricane, tsunami

We need long-term solutions as well as short-term emergency relief.

give sb, provide (sb with), send (sb)

The organization provides emergency famine relief.


She said that the fighting has halted almost all relief work in the area.

effort, operation

There was a huge international relief effort to bring help to the stricken area.

package, programme/program

Congress has agreed an $11 million relief package for victims of the hurricane.

aid, supplies
agency, fund, organization
convoy, flight
3 reduction in the amount of tax, etc. you have to pay
debt, interest (BrE), tax

the abolition of mortgage interest relief

get, obtain, receive

You can get income tax relief for gifts to charity. (BrE)

be entitled to, qualify for
apply for, claim, seek (all esp. BrE)
be available

No tax relief is available in respect of this loss.

4 sth interesting that replaces sth boring
give (sb), provide (sb with)

The scene provided some comic relief for the audience.

for relief

The comical characters are brought into the story for a little light relief.

a moment of relief
5 way of decorating wood, stone, etc.

The scene has been carved in high relief.

bas, low
bronze, marble, plaster, etc.
classical, Greek, Roman, etc.
carve (sth) in
carving, sculpture
in relief

a sculpture in high relief

6 making sth noticeable
bold, sharp, stark
bring sth into, throw sth into (often figurative)

The proximity of the wealthy suburb to the squatter camp throws the plight of the squatters into even sharper relief.

stand out in

The snow-capped mountains stood out in sharp relief against the blue sky.

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