1 time spent resting/sth you do to rest
deep, great
complete, total
muscle, muscular

an ointment that helps muscle relaxation


an environment that promotes physical and mental relaxation

aid, cause (medical), induce, promote

Some people take up yoga to aid relaxation.

drugs that cause the relaxation of the muscle

a popular herb known to induce relaxation

exercise, technique

Try listening to a relaxation tape before you go to sleep.


He goes to relaxation classes.

for relaxation

She listens to classical music for relaxation.

relaxation from

a chance for relaxation from work

a form of relaxation, a kind of relaxation
rest and relaxation
a state of relaxation
2 making rules/controls less strict
temporary (esp. BrE)
call for (esp. BrE)

Financiers are calling for a relaxation of these stringent measures.

relaxation in, relaxation of

a relaxation in the rules

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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