big, bitter, deep, genuine, great, profound, real, sincere

Her biggest regret was that she had never had children.

She expressed deep regret at the incident.

pang, stab, tinge (esp. BrE), twinge (esp. AmE)
feel, have

I have absolutely no regrets about resigning.

express, show

He sends his regrets about missing our 45th reunion.

to your regret

To my regret, I lost touch with her years ago.

with regret

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr Fred Fisher.

without regret

She thought of them without regret.

regret about, regret over

She showed no regret about leaving her country.

regret at

my sincere regret at what has happened

regret for

She enjoyed living alone, but felt a tiny pang of regret for her mother's cooking.

expression of regret

The police offered no expression of regret at his wrongful arrest.

a matter for regret (BrE), a matter of regret (esp. BrE)

I never learned to play an instrument and that's a matter of some regret. (BrE)

bitterly, deeply, greatly, really, seriously, sincerely, truly, very much

The president said that his country deeply regretted the incident.

immediately, instantly

I immediately regretted not asking for his name and address.

quickly, soon

It was a decision she would soon regret.


Pierre told them some things he later regretted telling.

begin to
come to, grow to, live to

She knew that she would live to regret this decision.

seem to
Regret is used with these nouns as the object: ↑choice, ↑decision, ↑error, ↑fact, ↑incident, ↑inconvenience, ↑indiscretion, ↑loss, ↑mistake, ↑word

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