1 period when a parliament, etc. does not meet
August (AmE), Christmas (esp. BrE), Easter (esp. AmE), holiday (AmE), summer, Whitsun (BrE), winter (AmE)

Congress returns from its August recess Tuesday.

Parliament is taking the Christmas recess a little early this year.

The bill has to be passed before the holiday recess.

congressional, parliamentary
brief, short (both esp. AmE)

The court will take a brief recess while the witness composes herself.

month-long, two-month, week-long, etc.
go into, rise for (BrE, formal), stand in (AmE, formal), take

The Senate will go into recess after Thanksgiving.

Parliament is due to rise for the summer recess on July 20.

The Florida court stands in recess.

return from

The judge called a short recess.

in recess

Congress has been in recess for over a month.

The decision cannot be made while the council is in recess.

2 (AmE) a period of time between classes at school

We had lunch and then we had recess.


I believe kids need more recess time.

at recess

He wouldn't play with me at recess.

3 part of sth that is farther back
shallow, small
in recess, inside recess

blinds fitted inside a window recess

recess in

There are small recesses in the wall beside the door.

4 (usually recesses) part furthest from the light
dark, deep, dim

He stared into the dark recesses of the room.

far, inner, innermost (figurative)

He searched the innermost recesses of his soul.

hide in, lurk in (figurative)

fears lurking deep in the recesses of our minds

push sth into, push sth to (both figurative)

I had continually pushed my doubts to the darker recesses of my mind.

in the recess of, within the recess of

The statue was in the inner recesses of the temple.

the recesses of your brain, heart, soul, etc. (figurative)

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