a little

Consumers need a little reassurance after all this bad publicity.


She received little reassurance or sympathy.


Continual calm reassurance should be given.


A negative test result may give false reassurance.


We have had some reassurances from the council that the building will be saved.

need, want
look for, seek

He glanced at her, seeking reassurance.

find, get, receive

She found reassurance in the high attendance at her lectures.

bring (sb), give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

A system of beliefs can bring you reassurance at times of stress.

despite reassurance

She kept looking in the mirror despite my constant reassurances that her hair looked fine.

for reassurance

He held onto her hand for reassurance.

in reassurance

I patted her shoulder in reassurance.

reassurance about, reassurance on

The company tried to offer reassurance on the safety of its products.

reassurance from

reassurances from the researchers about their work

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