1 contest to find the fastest person, car, etc.

I get very nervous before a big race.

close, tight
10-mile, 24-hour, 7-lap, etc.
gruelling/grueling, hard, tough
relay, road
men's, women's
boat, yacht, etc.
bicycle, bike (informal), car, motor (esp. BrE), motorbike (BrE), motorcycle, etc.
dog, horse, etc.
drag, turf (esp. AmE)
play-off (esp. AmE)
have, hold, organize

Let's have a race!

be in, compete in, do (informal), enter, go in for, run in, take part in

Is she running in the big race on Saturday?

drop out of, pull out of, withdraw (sth) from

He dropped out of the race with a pulled muscle after two laps.

She had to pull out of the race at the last minute.

lead, win

I was leading the race until the half-way point.

She has won the race for the last five years.

come first in, come second in, etc.
beat sb/sth in

People are saying that the race was fixed.

throw (= to lose deliberately)

He was paid $10 000 to throw the race.

be held, be run, take place
meet (esp. AmE), meeting (BrE)

The horse was withdrawn from today's race meeting with an injured leg.

official, organizer
in a/the race

I'm not in this race.

out of a/the race
race against, race with

the race against the Danish team

race between

A close race between the top two boats is expected.

race over

a race over two miles

2 competitive situation
close, tight

Although there are five candidates, realistically it is a two-horse race. (figurative)

congressional, gubernatorial (AmE), presidential, Senate
arms, space

the halting of the nuclear arms race

be in, be involved in, join

The rival TV companies are in a race to bring out the first film drama of his life.

be ahead in, lead, win

Who will win the race for the White House?

be left behind in, lag behind in, lose
in a/the race

He is lagging behind in the race for the presidency.

race between

a race between the developing countries

race for

the race for nuclear supremacy

race with

the race with their rivals

3 racial group

a child of mixed race

Irish, Jewish, Latin, etc.

the ideology of the master race


Immigration and race relations were key political issues at the time.

discrimination, preference, prejudice
among races

The disease is more common among European races.

between races

greater understanding between nations and races

from a race

children from all races and religions

of a race

people of different races and cultures

regardless of race

We can all work together, regardless of race.

race of

The Amazons were a race of female warriors.

on the basis of race, on (the) grounds of race

There is no excuse for discrimination on the grounds of race.

frantically, madly, wildly

She raced frantically to catch the train.

ahead, away, back, by, downstairs, off, out, past, upstairs

Farms and towns raced by.

across, after, along, around, down, for, into, out of, round (esp. BrE), through, to, towards/toward, up

He raced madly up the stairs.

come racing

Two boys suddenly came racing around the corner.

race against the clock, race against time

Most of these movies have characters racing against the clock to save the day.

Race is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑cloud, ↑engine, ↑heart, ↑mind, ↑pulse, ↑thought
Race is used with these nouns as the object: ↑car, ↑lap, ↑motorcycle

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