question mark

big, huge, major

His arrival clearly puts a huge question mark over the future of the present team captain.

hang over sth, remain

A big question mark hangs over the wisdom of the move.

question mark against (BrE)

A slight question mark against her character remains.

question mark over

There is now a serious question mark over his leadership ability.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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  • question mark — ˈquestion mark noun [countable] a question mark over if there is a question mark over something, there is a possibility that it will not be successful or will not continue to exist: • There is a big question mark over the bank s long term future …   Financial and business terms

  • question mark — 1. The principal use of the question mark (?) is to indicate a direct question: Are they leaving tomorrow? / What time is it? It is also used when the question is put in the form of a statement: They told you that? / Surely it s the same one? / I …   Modern English usage

  • question mark — n 1.) the mark (?) that is used at the end of a question 2.) there is a question mark over sth/a question mark hangs over sth used to say that there is a possibility that something will not be successful or will not continue to exist ▪ A big… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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