comfortable, cosy/cozy
big, large, spacious
little, small, tiny
double, single, twin
en suite (BrE)
main, master, principal

an en suite master bedroom (BrE)

study (BrE)
attic, back, front, loft (esp. AmE), upstairs
downstairs, ground-floor (BrE)
first-floor, second-floor, etc.
guest, spare

I told him he could sleep in the spare bedroom.


All the children had separate bedrooms.


I used to share a bedroom with my brother.


They converted the spare bedroom into an office.

decorate, furnish, paint, redecorate
closet (AmE), furniture, mirror, suite
door, floor, wall, window

The actress refused to appear naked in the bedroom scenes.

around a/the bedroom

There were dirty clothes strewn around the bedroom.

in a/the bedroom

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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