1 piece of furniture for sleeping on
king-size, king-sized
queen-size, queen-sized (both AmE)
bunk, camp (esp. BrE), canopy (esp. AmE), feather, four-poster, hospital, sofa

I slept in the bottom bunk of a set of bunk beds.

comfortable, comfy (informal), cosy/cozy, soft, warm

a messy room, with an unmade bed and clothes on the floor


He came home to find an empty bed.

makeshift (esp. AmE)

He slept on a makeshift bed of blankets and cushions.

marital, marriage
tanning (esp. AmE)
make, make up

Please strip the beds and put the sheets in the washing machine.

climb into, crawl into, get into, go to, tumble into

She crawled into bed exhausted.

climb out of, get out of, leap out of
lie (down) on, lie in, sit on

He lay in bed, reading his book.

Elizabeth was sitting on her bed writing a letter.

put sb to, tuck sb up in

It's your turn to put the children to bed.

occupy, sleep in

All the hospital beds were occupied.


He and his brother had to share a bed.


Don't punish a child who wets the bed.

clothes, linen (usually bedclothes, bedlinen)
sore (usually bedsore)
in bed

I like to be in bed before 11 o'clock.

out of bed

Are you out of bed yet?

bed and breakfast

We stayed at a comfortable bed and breakfast.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is available. (BrE)

the edge of the bed, the foot of the bed, the head of the bed, the side of the bed
get sb into bed (= persuade sb to have sex)
go to bed with sb (= have sex with sb) (esp. BrE)
take to your bed (= go to bed because you are ill) (old-fashioned)
time for bed

Come on, children, it's time for bed.

2 piece of ground for growing flowers, vegetables, etc.
flower, rose, strawberry, etc.
garden, planting (both AmE)
bed of

ornamental beds of roses

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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