1 force produced by pressing
gentle, light
apply, exert, put
alleviate, reduce, relieve

Reducing the swelling will relieve the pressure on her spine.


Pressure sensors in the seats tell the system which ones aren't occupied.

2 force of a gas or liquid
elevated, high, low
air, blood, water

an instrument for measuring blood pressure

atmospheric, barometric
build up, increase, rise
ease, fall
3 stress
considerable, constant, intolerable (esp. BrE), relentless, undue, unrelenting
added, increased, increasing

Retailers face added pressure to have the products available by Christmas.

commercial, competitive, economic, financial, political, social

The economic pressures on small businesses are intense.


His own desires conflict with external pressures to conform.

downward, upward

This puts upward pressure on prices.

place sb under, put sb under

When more people move into an area, that creates pressures.

cope with, handle, withstand
escape, get away from

It's an ideal place in which to relax and escape the pressures of modern life.

alleviate, ease, reduce, relieve

They are looking for ways to ease the pressure of their stress-filled, competitive existence.

heighten, intensify

There is a constant drive to exploit workers and intensify the pressure of work.

build up, increase
under pressure

He's felt under pressure since his wife had the operation.

pressure on

There's a lot of pressure on the soldiers preparing for battle.

pressure of work

The cruise was a welcome relief from the pressure of work.

4 attempt to persuade/influence sb
enormous, great, intense, strong, tremendous

There is intense pressure on her to resign.

growing, increased, increasing, mounting

The government bowed to popular pressure and repealed the law.


the use of the Internet to put international pressure on authoritarian regimes

peer, peer-group (esp. BrE)

She started smoking because of peer pressure.

bring to bear, exert, generate, place, put

This concession would not have happened but for the pressure that was brought to bear on the authorities.

My parents never put any pressure on me to get a job.

place sb under, put sb under
be brought under, be under, come under, experience, face

Hospital staff are coming under pressure to work longer hours.

heighten, intensify

This has heightened pressure for economic sanctions against the regime.

resist, withstand
bow to, give in to, respond to

The editor bowed to pressure from his staff, and the article was suppressed.

intensify, mount

Large companies were criticized for using pressure tactics against small suppliers.

under pressure

Management is under pressure to set an example on pay restraint.

pressure for

pressure for change in the country's economy

pressure from

pressure from religious groups

pressure on

pressure on foreign diplomats

keep the pressure on sb (AmE), keep up the pressure on sb, maintain the pressure on sb

Farmers need to keep (up) the pressure on Congress.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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