full-term, post-term
healthy, normal

She had a difficult pregnancy with her first child.


emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy


twins or other multiple pregnancies

first, second, etc.
teen (esp. AmE), teenage
out-of-wedlock, unwed (both esp. AmE)
unintended, unplanned, unwanted

There are thousands of unwanted teenage pregnancies every year.

avoid, prevent

They took no precautions to avoid pregnancy.


50% of all pregnancies are not planned.


The doctor confirmed my pregnancy and told me to come back at 12 weeks.

continue, continue with

the difficult decision about whether to continue with a pregnancy


I tried hard to hide my pregnancy.

abort, end, terminate

the right of a woman to terminate her pregnancy


Here's what can happen as your pregnancy progresses.

go to full term, go to term

women whose pregnancies have gone to term


a home pregnancy test kit


Teen pregnancy rates have fallen.

during (a/the) pregnancy, in (a/the) pregnancy

Lower blood pressure is common in early pregnancy.

throughout (a/the) pregnancy

You will be tested throughout your pregnancy.

carry a pregnancy to term

a woman who intends to carry her pregnancy to term

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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