1 person of the same age/status
academic (esp. AmE), professional

She is highly respected by her professional peers.


We have seen several women who can outperform their male peers physically.


teenagers trying to impress their peers


She was rejected by her peer group.

influence, pressure

Children often take up smoking because of peer pressure.

interaction, relations, relationship

Some children fail to develop normal peer relations.


Children generally develop a strong peer culture.


an extended family and peer network

rejection, victimization

Peer acceptance is particularly important for teenagers.

evaluation, review

Research data will be subjected to peer review.

counsellor/counselor, educator, mentor, tutor (all esp. AmE)
among sb's peers

They adopt attitudes that are more socially acceptable among their peers.

2 (in the UK) person of noble rank
Conservative, Labour, etc.

The Act made it possible for a woman to be created a life peer.

a peer of the realm
NOTE: Aristocratic titles
first … , second … , etc.

the 17th Earl of Lauderdale

become … , be created … , be made … 

She was made a baroness in 1992.

succeed (sb) as … 

He was succeeded as third Baron Northwick by his nephew.

closely, intently
anxiously, carefully, cautiously, nervously, slowly
ahead, around, back, down, in, inside, out, round (esp. BrE), up

A face was peering down at him.

try to
around, round (esp. BrE)

She peered around the corner.


His pale blue eyes peered anxiously at Vic.


He peered into the darkness.

out of

She peered out of the window.


She tried to peer over her shoulder.


I peered through the letter box.

Peer is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑face

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