blind, complete, mad (esp. BrE), pure, sheer, total, utter
mild, minor (esp. BrE), slight
growing, mounting (esp. BrE), rising
mass, widespread

There was a last-minute panic when nobody could find the tickets.

financial, moral

a moral panic over rising crime rates

surge, wave

I felt a surge of panic when I realized my mistake.


He felt panic rising within him.

get into (esp. BrE), go into

She went into a blind panic when she couldn't find the exit.

cause, create, spread
fill sb with, throw sb into

The thought of being in charge threw him into a mild panic.

break out, spread across, through, etc. sth, sweep over, through, etc. sth

Panic swept through the crowd.

fill sb/sth, grip sb, seize sb, set in
grow, rise, well up

In the ensuing panic, they lost each other.


She still has panic attacks two years after the accident.


people suffering from depression and panic disorders

reaction, symptoms

The shopkeeper pressed the panic button and the police arrived in minutes.


The house includes a panic room which you can run to if intruders enter the house.


Eli was clearly in panic mode.

buying (esp. BrE)

Panic buying turned the shortage into a crisis.

in (a) panic

He jumped out of the car in a panic.

People fled in panic.

with panic

Her mind went blank with panic.

panic about

panic about food contamination

panic among

panic among the population

panic over

The keys were lost during the panic over the fire alarm.

a feeling of panic, a sense of panic
in a state of panic
a look of panic

A look of panic spread across the boy's face.

a moment of panic, a moment's panic (esp. BrE)

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