1 (esp. AmE) container holding goods
cigarette (esp. AmE) (usually cigarette packet in BrE)
gift, sample (BrE)
contain sth
in a/the pack

How many needles are there in a pack?

pack of

It comes in packs of six.

a pack of cigarettes

a pack of gum

2 things supplied together
action, information, resource (BrE), starter, training (BrE)
contain sth, include sth

Your information pack includes addresses of leading manufacturers.

3 things put together for carrying
fanny (AmE)
battery, power

a rechargeable battery pack

carry, sling
animal, horse, mule
in a/the pack

The water in his pack made it very heavy.

4 group of animals, etc.
brat (= a group of famous young people who sometimes behave badly)
in a/the pack

the dominant animal in the pack

in packs

The animals hunt in packs.

pack of

a pack of dogs/wolves

the leader of the pack
5 (BrE) playing cards ⇨ See also ↑deck
in a/the pack

There are 52 playing cards in a pack.

the bottom of the pack, the top of the pack

Take a card from the top of the pack.

a pack of cards
1 put things into containers
carefully, neatly

Live animals are transported across the continent, packed tightly into trucks.

away, together, up

The passengers were packed together like cattle.

I think we might as well pack up and go home.

in, into

She packed her clothes into a suitcase.

2 fill a place/sth

Crowds of people packed into the hall.

be packed full of sth

Our new brochure is packed full of inspirational ideas.

be packed out (esp. BrE)

The stadium was packed out.

be packed to bursting (esp. BrE), be packed to capacity, be packed to overflowing (esp. BrE)

The hall was packed to capacity.

be packed to the brim, be packed to the gills, be packed to the rafters (esp. BrE)

The hostel was packed to the rafters.

be packed with sb

The place was packed with conference attendees.

closely packed, densely packed, tightly packed
Pack is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑fan
Pack is used with these nouns as the object: ↑backpack, ↑bag, ↑basket, ↑belongings, ↑box, ↑clothes, ↑crate, ↑grocery, ↑hall, ↑luggage, ↑parachute, ↑picnic, ↑punch, ↑rucksack, ↑shelf, ↑stadium, ↑street, ↑suitcase, ↑tent, ↑thing, ↑trunk, ↑venue

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