1 door, window, box, etc.
fully, wide

She opened all the windows wide to let some fresh air in.


Fred opened the box gingerly and peered inside.

quickly, suddenly

The glass doors opened automatically for him.

out, up

I opened out the map and laid it on the table.

‘Open up!’ He shouted, hammering on the door.

try to
manage to
fail to

Her parachute failed to open.

2 building, road, etc.
formally, officially

the opportunity to open up new markets

be due to, be expected to, be scheduled to

The museum is due to open next year.

hope to, intend to, plan to, want to, wish to
newly opened, recently opened

the newly opened gallery of Western decorative art

Open is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑bud, ↑chasm, ↑conference, ↑curtain, ↑decade, ↑divide, ↑door, ↑elevator, ↑exhibit, ↑exhibition, ↑eye, ↑factory, ↑festival, ↑film, ↑gallery, ↑gate, ↑gulf, ↑hearing, ↑index, ↑inquest, ↑key, ↑market, ↑meeting, ↑mouth, ↑movie, ↑museum, ↑parachute, ↑poll, ↑restaurant, ↑session, ↑shop, ↑sky, ↑stock exchange, ↑store, ↑story, ↑talk, ↑trading, ↑trial, ↑window, ↑work
Open is used with these nouns as the object: ↑account, ↑airspace, ↑archive, ↑arm, ↑artery, ↑attachment, ↑avenue, ↑backpack, ↑bag, ↑beak, ↑blind, ↑bonnet, ↑book, ↑boot, ↑border, ↑bottle, ↑boutique, ↑bowel, ↑bowling, ↑box, ↑branch, ↑briefcase, ↑can, ↑carton, ↑cash register, ↑channel, ↑chasm, ↑closet, ↑coconut, ↑congress, ↑conversation, ↑cover, ↑crate, ↑cupboard, ↑curtain, ↑debate, ↑dialogue, ↑discussion, ↑document, ↑door, ↑drape, ↑drawer, ↑email, ↑embassy, ↑enquiry, ↑envelope, ↑evening, ↑exhibition, ↑eye, ↑eyelid, ↑facility, ↑factory, ↑faucet, ↑festival, ↑file, ↑fire, ↑flap, ↑flask, ↑frontier, ↑gate, ↑gift, ↑hatch, ↑headquarters, ↑hearing, ↑heart, ↑hood, ↑inquest, ↑institute, ↑jar, ↑jaw, ↑lead, ↑letter, ↑lid, ↑lock, ↑loophole, ↑mail, ↑meeting, ↑menu, ↑mind, ↑mouth, ↑museum, ↑negotiation, ↑newspaper, ↑office, ↑package, ↑packet, ↑palm, ↑parachute, ↑parcel, ↑phase, ↑pocketbook, ↑pore, ↑post, ↑practice, ↑present, ↑purse, ↑railway, ↑refrigerator, ↑refuge, ↑restaurant, ↑rucksack, ↑safe, ↑season, ↑shade, ↑shop, ↑showroom, ↑shutter, ↑soda, ↑station, ↑store, ↑subsidiary, ↑suitcase, ↑talk, ↑thread, ↑trunk, ↑umbrella, ↑valve, ↑vault, ↑vein, ↑vent, ↑wallet, ↑wardrobe, ↑window, ↑wing, ↑work, ↑zip
1 not closed
be, gape, hang, lie, stand

She stared at him, her mouth hanging open.

The book lay open in front of him.

The door stood open.

burst, creak, fall, flutter, fly, shoot, slide, snap, swing

The bag fell open.

Suddenly the door flew open.

The gate swung open.

break sth, cut sth, fling sth, flip sth, get sth, prise/prize sth (esp. BrE), pry sth (esp. AmE), pull sth, push sth, rip sth, tear sth, throw sth, wrench sth, yank sth

She flung the door open and rushed in.

She flipped open Chris's diary.

I tried to pry open the locket.

He tore the letter open.

have sth, hold sth, keep sth, leave sth

She held the door open for them.

find sth, see sth

I found the door open.

fully, wide

The door was wide open.

2 honest and willing to talk
be, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

She's very open about her mistakes.


I don't think you've been completely open with me.

3 available for people to use
remain, stay

In spite of the snow, the roads remained open.

Some of the supermarkets stay open till ten.

keep sth

We want to keep the school open.


The pool is only open to residents.

4 having begun
declare sth (esp. BrE)

The Australian premier declared the Olympic Games open.


The bridge is officially open now.

Open is used with these nouns: ↑acknowledgement, ↑admiration, ↑admission, ↑aggression, ↑arm, ↑ballot, ↑bar, ↑boat, ↑border, ↑carriage, ↑casket, ↑collar, ↑combat, ↑communication, ↑communion, ↑competition, ↑conflict, ↑confrontation, ↑contempt, ↑contest, ↑country, ↑countryside, ↑courtyard, ↑curiosity, ↑curtain, ↑cut, ↑debate, ↑deck, ↑defiance, ↑desert, ↑dialogue, ↑disbelief, ↑discussion, ↑display, ↑ditch, ↑door, ↑doorway, ↑drawer, ↑ear, ↑election, ↑enquiry, ↑enrolment, ↑evening, ↑expanse, ↑expression, ↑face, ↑field, ↑fire, ↑fireplace, ↑flame, ↑flower, ↑forum, ↑gate, ↑goal, ↑grave, ↑ground, ↑hand, ↑hatch, ↑hearing, ↑hill, ↑hillside, ↑hostility, ↑invitation, ↑jaw, ↑kitchen, ↑land, ↑letter, ↑market, ↑marriage, ↑meeting, ↑microphone, ↑mind, ↑moor, ↑mouth, ↑neck, ↑ocean, ↑palm, ↑pit, ↑plain, ↑pore, ↑prairie, ↑prison, ↑question, ↑razor, ↑rebellion, ↑revolt, ↑road, ↑sandal, ↑sandwich, ↑sea, ↑season, ↑seat, ↑secret, ↑session, ↑set, ↑shelf, ↑shutter, ↑sky, ↑slope, ↑society, ↑sore, ↑space, ↑stretch, ↑string, ↑suitcase, ↑surgery, ↑system, ↑talk, ↑tender, ↑terrain, ↑tournament, ↑truck, ↑verdict, ↑vowel, ↑wagon, ↑ward, ↑warfare, ↑water, ↑window, ↑wound
Open is used with these verbs: ↑drop, ↑shoulder, ↑shove

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