There is big money in golf for the top players.


He started stealing as a way of making easy money.

bonus, extra

Whenever I have a little extra money, I buy clothes.

federal (AmE), government, public, taxpayers'

Is this a good way to spend taxpayers' money?

pin, pocket (esp. BrE), spending

Did your parents give you pocket money when you were little?

I don't know how much spending money to take on honeymoon.

gas (AmE), lunch, petrol (BrE), rent

She gave him $5 lunch money.

He spent their rent money on beer.

grant, scholarship
borrowed, stolen
bribe, ransom

They demanded $1 million in ransom money.

hush, protection

The company paid hush money to the victims to keep them quiet.

soft (AmE)

He contributed $180 000 in soft money (= unregulated political donations)to the party committee.

pension, retirement

The new airport terminal was built with oil money.


The collection box was full of coins and paper money.

counterfeit, fake (esp. AmE)
Monopoly, play (esp. AmE)
amount, sum

the large sums of money we handle in this store


I don't have any money left.

coin, print
count, count out
borrow, bring in, collect, earn, get, make, raise, receive

He hoped the plan would bring in quite a bit of money.

Some people were in the street collecting money for charity.

How much money did he earn last year?

I'll have to get some more money from somewhere.

bank, deposit, pay in, pay into the bank, put in the bank, put into the bank

The stallholders bank their money at the end of the day.

I need to pay this money in today.

I pay my money into the bank as soon as I get paid.

draw out, get out, take out, withdraw
divert, move, transfer

The money was transferred into an offshore bank account.

pay out, shell out, spend

I spent all the money on clothes.

fritter away, lose, squander, throw away, waste

She lost a lot of money at the casino.

He squandered his money on gambling.

run out of

We ran out of money and had to come home early.

be careful with, hoard, save, set aside, stash away

an old miser who hoarded his money

We're trying to set some money aside for a new car.

She stashed the money away in the bank.

invest, tie up

They sensibly invested their prize money rather than spending it.

All their money was tied up in long-term investments.

pour, pump, put, sink

Investors were pouring money into Internet start-ups.

He sank most of his money into his struggling business.

contribute, donate, give sb, lend sb, loan sb (esp. AmE), pay (sb), provide (sb with), put up

Half the money raised was donated to charity.

He managed to persuade his friend to put up the money for the venture.

give (sb) back, pay (sb) back, refund (sb), repay (sb)

I'll pay the money back next week, I promise.

The manager was unwilling to refund my money.

owe (sb)

They owe lots of people money.

pool, share

The friends pooled their money to buy tickets.

accept, take

I don't think they'll accept Mexican money on the plane.

The stores were very happy to take his money.


These cars cost a lot of money.

All these improvements will cost money.

be worth

That painting is worth a lot of money.

change, exchange

We changed our money into dollars at the airport.

allocate, earmark

The quality of public health care depends on the amount of money allocated to it.

This money has been earmarked for public projects.

channel, direct, funnel (AmE)

Some of this money was funneled to secret CIA programs.

embezzle, extort, siphon off, steal

Government officials were siphoning off money for personal gain.


He was charged with laundering money.

come from sth

Money for the extension to the gallery came from the sale of old exhibits.

go (on sth), go to

I don't know where all the money goes!

All his money went on women.

Most of the money went to pay for food.

come in, flow in, pour in, pour into sth

She had two children to support and no money coming in.

buy sth

the best car that money can buy


You could consider hiring a professional money manager.


He made a fortune dealing on the money markets.


The solution to inflation lies in the control of the money supply.

box (esp. BrE)
order (AmE)
for money

He'll do anything for money!

money for

Where's the money for the milk?

bet money on sth, put money on sth

He's going to leave. I'd bet money on it.

He stopped to put money on a horse.

get money off sth

You might get some money off the price if it's an old model.

get your money's worth

The boat trip lasts three hours, so you certainly get your money's worth.

on the money

His prediction was right on the money.

put money in sb's pocket

The Senate recognized the need to put more money in the pockets of dairy farmers.

the smart money is on sth, the smart money says sth

The smart money is on Brazil to win.

take money off sth

He felt sorry for her and took some money off her bill.

throw money at sth

They tend to throw money at problems without trying to work out the best solution.

throw your money around

He thinks he can make friends by throwing his money around.

value for money

The hotel gives value for money.

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