dense, heavy, thick

A heavy mist rolled over the fields.

faint, fine, light, slight, thin
cold, cool
grey/gray, red, white

There was a red mist in front of his eyes.

dawn, evening, morning

an early morning mist

autumn (esp. BrE)
be covered in, be shrouded in

The mountain was covered in a thick mist.

disappear into, vanish in, vanish into

The little town had vanished in the mist.

emerge from, loom out of (esp. BrE)

A figure emerged from the mist.

break through, shine through

Soon the sun would break through the mist.

peer into, peer through
be lost in (figurative)

The origins of language are lost in the mists of time.

cover sth, hang, hover, lie, surround sb/sth

A faint mist hung over the valley.

come down (esp. BrE), descend

When the mist descends it comes quickly and covers everything.

clear, lift

The mist had cleared by mid-morning.

drift, float, rise, roll, swirl

A fine mist floated over the fields.

a swirling mist

a thin mist rising from the river

cling to sth

Early morning mist still clung to the hollows.

fill sth
cover sth, hide sth, obscure sth, shroud sth

A white mist obscured the top of the hill.

in the mist, into the mist

It was hard to make out the path in the mist.

through the mist

The house was scarcely visible through the mist.

mist over

the mist over the lake

a curtain of mist, a veil of mist
Mist is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑eye

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