big, filling, heavy

I always want to go to sleep after a heavy meal.

hearty, slap-up (BrE)
gourmet (esp. AmE), lavish, sumptuous
decent, proper, square, substantial

She hadn't had a square meal for days.

light, simple

The bar serves light meals.


a meagre/meager meal of bread and cheese

four-course, three-course, etc.
appetizing, delicious, excellent, lovely (esp. BrE), tasty

Thanks for a delicious meal.


She has very little time to prepare home-cooked meals.

balanced, healthful (AmE), healthy, nourishing, nutritious, wholesome

When do you have your main meal of the day?

evening (esp. BrE), midday (esp. BrE), noon (AmE)

Hot meals are not available after 10 o'clock.


That night he made her favourite/favorite meal.

festive (esp. AmE)
Christmas, Passover, Thanksgiving, etc.
NOTE: Meals
eat … , have … 

Have you had breakfast?

take …  (formal)

I often take lunch in the hotel bar.

grab … , snatch …  (BrE)

Let's grab lunch.

I'm so busy I have to snatch meals when I can.

come for/to … , go for/to meal (These verbs are often used with around (esp. AmE), out, over and round (esp. BrE).)

We went to Fargo's for lunch.

We're going out for dinner.

We're going out for a meal. (BrE)

You should come over for dinner sometime.

ask sb to … , have sb for/to … , invite sb for/to … , take sb for/to …  (These verbs are often used with around (esp. AmE), out, over and round (esp. BrE).)

He wouldn't have asked me to supper if he didn't like me.

We must have you over for dinner sometime.

Let me take you out for lunch.

be out to lunch

He's out to lunch with a client.

stop for … 

We stopped for tea at the Ritz.

join sb for … , stay for/to … 

You're sure you won't stay for dinner?

sit down to … , start … , finish … 

We had just sat down to breakfast when the phone rang.

skip … 

I sometimes skip lunch if we're very busy.

cook (sb) … , fix (sb) …  (esp. AmE), get … ready, make (sb) … , prepare … 

She hurried downstairs to fix herself some breakfast.

have … ready

We'll have supper ready for you.

serve … 

Lunch is served from 12.30 till 2.30.

keep … warm, warm … up

I'll be home late, so keep my dinner warm.

provide (sb with) … 

Dinner is provided in the superb hotel restaurant.

 … is available

A four-course dinner is available by prior arrangement.

 … is ready

‘Breakfast's ready!’ shouted Christine.

 … time (usually written as one word)

The family was always noisy at mealtimes.

It was lunchtime.

at … , during … , over … 

Nobody spoke during supper.

for … 

What did you have for lunch?

 … of

a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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