He longed desperately to be back at home.


They were the words she had secretly longed to hear.


She had always longed to travel to other countries.


He hated the city and longed for the mountains.

be, look, seem

That dress looks a little long to me.


My hair had grown long.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

His drive to work is fairly long.

awfully, exceptionally, incredibly
excessively, overly (esp. AmE)

At 900 pages, the book is overly long.


an unusually long pause

impossibly (esp. AmE), ridiculously

a pair of impossibly long legs

a little, slightly, etc.

Are you sure two hours will be long enough?

Long is used with these nouns: ↑absence, ↑afternoon, ↑answer, ↑arc, ↑ascent, ↑association, ↑ball, ↑bang, ↑bath, ↑battle, ↑beak, ↑bench, ↑blast, ↑breakfast, ↑breath, ↑call, ↑campaign, ↑career, ↑chain, ↑chase, ↑chat, ↑claw, ↑climb, ↑coastline, ↑coat, ↑column, ↑conversation, ↑cord, ↑corridor, ↑courtship, ↑crack, ↑curl, ↑cut, ↑day, ↑debate, ↑delay, ↑deliberation, ↑descent, ↑description, ↑detour, ↑discussion, ↑distance, ↑division, ↑document, ↑dress, ↑drink, ↑drive, ↑driveway, ↑drop, ↑drought, ↑duration, ↑ear, ↑embrace, ↑endurance, ↑engagement, ↑evening, ↑excerpt, ↑exile, ↑expanse, ↑experience, ↑explanation, ↑exposure, ↑extract, ↑eyelash, ↑face, ↑fang, ↑fast, ↑feud, ↑fight, ↑film, ↑finger, ↑fingernail, ↑flex, ↑flight, ↑friendship, ↑fringe, ↑fuse, ↑gallery, ↑gap, ↑gash, ↑glove, ↑gown, ↑grass, ↑groan, ↑gulp, ↑hair, ↑hallway, ↑handle, ↑haul, ↑hibernation, ↑hike, ↑hill, ↑history, ↑honeymoon, ↑hour, ↑howl, ↑illness, ↑interval, ↑job, ↑journey, ↑jump, ↑kiss, ↑knife, ↑labour, ↑ladder, ↑lapse, ↑lease, ↑lecture, ↑leg, ↑lens, ↑letter, ↑life, ↑lifetime, ↑limb, ↑limousine, ↑line, ↑list, ↑lull, ↑lunch, ↑mane, ↑march, ↑meeting, ↑memory, ↑minute, ↑moment, ↑monologue, ↑moustache, ↑nail, ↑nap, ↑neck, ↑needle, ↑night, ↑nightmare, ↑nose, ↑odds, ↑ordeal, ↑ovation, ↑overcoat, ↑pants, ↑parenthesis, ↑pass, ↑passage, ↑path, ↑pause, ↑pedigree, ↑period, ↑piece, ↑poem, ↑post, ↑process, ↑procession, ↑puff, ↑pull, ↑queue, ↑résumé, ↑rally, ↑range, ↑reach, ↑recession, ↑record, ↑residence, ↑rest, ↑ribbon, ↑ride, ↑river, ↑road, ↑robe, ↑round, ↑route, ↑row, ↑run, ↑saga, ↑scar, ↑scarf, ↑scratch, ↑section, ↑sentence, ↑separation, ↑sequence, ↑series, ↑sermon, ↑service, ↑session, ↑shadow, ↑shift, ↑shorts, ↑shot, ↑sickness, ↑siege, ↑sigh, ↑silence, ↑sip, ↑skirt, ↑sleep, ↑sleeve, ↑slide, ↑slope, ↑sniff, ↑sock, ↑solo, ↑space, ↑span, ↑speech, ↑spell, ↑standing, ↑stay, ↑stem, ↑stick, ↑stint, ↑stop, ↑strand, ↑stretch, ↑stride, ↑strike, ↑strip, ↑stroke, ↑stroll, ↑struggle, ↑succession, ↑summer, ↑suspension, ↑sweep, ↑swig, ↑swim, ↑sword, ↑syllable, ↑table, ↑tail, ↑tale, ↑talk, ↑tenure, ↑term, ↑terrace, ↑think, ↑time, ↑title, ↑tongue, ↑tour, ↑tradition, ↑trail, ↑trek, ↑trip, ↑trousers, ↑tunnel, ↑underwear, ↑vacation, ↑valley, ↑view, ↑visit, ↑vowel, ↑voyage, ↑wait, ↑walk, ↑wall, ↑war, ↑wavelength, ↑way, ↑week, ↑weekend, ↑while, ↑whistle, ↑window, ↑wing, ↑winter, ↑word, ↑year
Long is used with these adjectives: ↑defunct, ↑extinct, ↑interested, ↑overdue
Long is used with these verbs: ↑believe, ↑cease, ↑dream, ↑kiss, ↑last, ↑linger, ↑regard, ↑sleep, ↑survive, ↑wait

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