long, long-term
short, short-term
ten-year, etc.
operating (esp. AmE)
have, hold

They have a lease with five years to run.

acquire (esp. BrE), buy, enter into, get, negotiate, obtain, sign, take, take on, take out, take up

She has taken out a new ten-year lease on the building.

grant (sb), sell (sb)

A freeholder may grant a lease of any duration.

forfeit, surrender (both BrE)

They moved out and the lease was surrendered.

break, terminate
take over
transfer (esp. BrE)

The lease runs from April 19.

take effect (esp. BrE)
come up for renewal, expire, run out
in a/the lease

a new clause in the lease

on a lease

The company holds the building on a long lease.

under a/the lease

Under the new lease, the rent would go up.

lease of

He took a lease of the premises. (esp. BrE)

lease on

The club has a 20-year lease on the property.

a clause in a lease, a condition of a lease, the provisions of a lease (esp. BrE), the terms of the lease
the length, period, term, etc. of a lease
Lease is used with these nouns as the object: ↑apartment, ↑building, ↑car, ↑facility, ↑land, ↑premises, ↑property, ↑site

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

(for a term of years)

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