1 person who is in charge of sth
born, natural, true
charismatic, effective, good, great, inspirational, inspired, inspiring, visionary

We need to make our political leaders accountable.

influential, key, powerful, prominent, strong, top
corrupt, weak
deputy (esp. AmE)

Some of our senior leaders have been with the company all of their careers.


These young people will be the future leaders of our nation.

joint (esp. BrE)
majority, minority (both esp. AmE)

a former US Senate majority leader


She is the elected leader of the group.

local, national, world

a meeting with world leaders at the G8 summit

congressional, opposition, parliamentary, party, Senate
Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Republican, etc.
military, political, religious, spiritual
Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
gang, guerrilla, nationalist, rebel
group, project, squadron, team

Discuss any problems with your team leader.

business, church, civic, community, corporate, council (esp. BrE), government, industry, strike, student, tribal, union, youth

Business leaders have been in talks with the government.

miners', teachers', etc. (BrE)
civil rights

civil rights leader Martin Luther King

be appointed, become, be elected
appoint (sb), appoint sb as, choose (sb as), elect (sb), elect sb as
the leader of the Opposition (in the UK)
the leader of the pack

They are trying to figure out who will emerge as the leader of this pack.

2 person/team that is best or in first place
brand, global, market, world, worldwide

The company is a world leader in electrical goods.

championship (BrE), league, tournament
joint (esp. BrE)

Milner and Whyte remain joint leaders in the Player of the Year event.


The company was an early leader in global manufacturing.


We aim to overtake the market leaders within two years.

behind the leader

ten points behind league leaders

leader in

the undisputed leader in her field

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