profound, serious, severe
conspicuous, distinct, notable, noticeable, obvious, remarkable

There was a distinct lack of urgency in his manner.

apparent, perceived, seeming
complete, sheer, total, utter

a complete lack of confidence

general, overall

a general lack of knowledge among the young

by lack of

The situation was worsened by lack of communication.

for lack of

They lost the game, but not for lack of trying.

from lack of

She thought she would collapse from lack of sleep.

through lack of

I've lost those skills through lack of practice.

lack of

I couldn't hide my lack of enthusiasm.

no lack of sth

There is certainly no lack of interest in the subject.

completely, entirely

She completely lacks confidence.


He apparently lacked the desire to learn.

clearly, obviously

His claim clearly lacked conviction.


Perhaps you simply lack the intelligence to realize just how serious this is?


Her high-heeled shoes gave her the height she otherwise lacked.

appear to, seem to

His life seemed to lack direction.


What they lack in talent, they make up for in conviction.

Lack is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ability, ↑acumen, ↑agility, ↑ambition, ↑amenity, ↑authority, ↑backing, ↑capability, ↑capacity, ↑charm, ↑clarity, ↑coherence, ↑commitment, ↑compassion, ↑competence, ↑confidence, ↑consistency, ↑continuity, ↑conviction, ↑coordination, ↑courage, ↑credibility, ↑depth, ↑detail, ↑determination, ↑direction, ↑discipline, ↑drive, ↑education, ↑elegance, ↑emotion, ↑empathy, ↑energy, ↑enthusiasm, ↑essentials, ↑experience, ↑expertise, ↑faith, ↑feature, ↑finance, ↑flair, ↑flexibility, ↑focus, ↑foresight, ↑glamour, ↑imagination, ↑immediacy, ↑immunity, ↑inclination, ↑independence, ↑insight, ↑inspiration, ↑instinct, ↑insurance, ↑integrity, ↑jurisdiction, ↑leadership, ↑maturity, ↑means, ↑merit, ↑motivation, ↑necessity, ↑nerve, ↑organization, ↑originality, ↑passion, ↑patience, ↑personality, ↑power, ↑precision, ↑prestige, ↑purpose, ↑qualification, ↑quality, ↑refinement, ↑relevance, ↑resolution, ↑resource, ↑rhythm, ↑rigour, ↑self-assurance, ↑self-confidence, ↑self-control, ↑semblance, ↑sense, ↑sensitivity, ↑skill, ↑sophistication, ↑soul, ↑spark, ↑sparkle, ↑stability, ↑stamina, ↑stature, ↑strength, ↑structure, ↑substance, ↑subtlety, ↑symmetry, ↑tact, ↑talent, ↑touch, ↑training, ↑trait, ↑understanding, ↑vigour, ↑vision, ↑vitality, ↑warmth, ↑will

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