deep, powerful, strong
pure, sheer

Out of pure instinct, he moved back a little.

first, initial

His first instinct was to run away from danger.

excellent, good, unerring

Against her better instincts, she ran back into the burning house to save her paintings.

He had an unerring instinct for when people were lying to him.

basic, natural, primitive
aggressive, competitive
maternal, mothering, motherly, paternal, protective
fighting, hunting, killer, predatory

He plays well but lacks that killer instinct. (figurative)

self-preservation, survival

What makes all these people come to the club? In my view it's the herd instinct.

business, commercial, political
animal, human
have, possess
develop, hone

In negotiating you have to develop an instinct for when to be tough and when to make a deal.

follow, go on, go with, obey, rely on, trust

Why don't you just follow your natural instincts?

control, fight, ignore, overcome, suppress
appeal to

They accused the campaign of appealing to the electorate's baser instincts.


Both superpowers shared the same instinct for self-preservation.

tell sb sth

Her instinct told her that she was being followed.

drive sb, guide sb

Artists have to learn to be guided by their instincts.

kick in, take over

Her instincts took over and she dived on the escaping thief.

be right, be wrong

I've trusted my instincts in the past and they've usually been right.

by instinct

Babies know by instinct who their mother is.

on instinct

I acted purely on instinct.

instinct for

He has an instinct for survival in a tough job.

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