1 effect sb/sth has; power to control sb/sth
big, considerable, enormous, great, marked, significant, substantial, tremendous
growing, increasing
chief, dominant, major, overwhelming
powerful, profound, strong

He had a profound influence on modern poets.

crucial, decisive
continuing, enduring, lasting
improper, undue (law)

The court found that the bank exerted undue influence over Mrs Black in getting her to sign the contract.

beneficial, positive
adverse, corrosive, corrupting, destructive, disruptive, evil, malign (formal), negative, pernicious
moderating, stabilizing, steadying
calming, restraining
direct, indirect

This paper evaluates the relative influence of religions.

far-reaching, pervasive, wide
external, outside

The religious community wished to be independent of outside influence.


the effects of peer influence on crime

cultural, economic, genetic, political, social, sociocultural
give sb

Her wealth gave her influence over affairs of state.

assert, exercise, exert, use, wield

Can you use your influence with the director to get me a part in the movie?

Drug cartels wielded enormous influence in the city.

expand, extend, increase, spread

The unions have been able to extend their influence over all industries.

eliminate, remove
diminish, reduce
counter, counteract
avoid, escape, resist
be under

The court was told that he was under the influence of alcohol when he was stopped by the police.

come under, fall under

She came under the influence of Sartre at this period.

be independent of
demonstrate, reflect, reveal, show

Spanish architecture shows Moorish influence.

acknowledge, recognize, understand
analyse/analyze, assess, determine, evaluate, examine, explore, investigate, study

They examined the influence of farm size on technology adoption.

attribute sth to

Much of his writing can be attributed to the influence of Freud.


It's easy to trace the influence she's exerted on contemporary artists.


Their influence extended as far as China.


The Internet's influence is growing every day.


His political influence was waning.

under the influence

The town grew under the influence of colonialism.

influence from

There was no influence from outside.

influence in

She has a certain amount of influence in the way things are organized.

influence on, influence upon

They were a major influence upon the development of the sport.

influence over

I have absolutely no influence over him.

influence with

He used his influence with local officials to gain commercial advantages.

Queen Isabella was urged to use her influence with the French monarch.

a sphere of influence

Rome's sphere of influence extended as far as Scotland.

bring your influence to bear on sb/sth

She tried to bring her influence to bear on her husband.

under the influence, under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of drink (BrE)

He was arrested for driving under the influence (= drunk).

2 sb/sth that affects the way sb behaves/thinks
big, considerable, great, significant, tremendous
dominant, major, overwhelming
powerful, profound, strong

Who were your early influences?


His uncle had been a formative influence from his earliest years.


He is a writer who draws upon diverse cultural influences.


Parents often seek to shelter their children from outside influences

adverse, bad, corrupting, destructive, disruptive, harmful, malign (formal), negative, pernicious
moderating, stabilizing, steadying
calming, restraining
environmental, genetic
artistic, cultural, intellectual, literary, musical

The band had many influences.

be exposed to

a study of children exposed to different cultural influences

draw from, draw on, draw upon
be at work

There were a number of influences at work in Wright's architecture.

affect sth, shape sth
influence on

She's by far the biggest influence on my writing.

considerably, deeply, dramatically, enormously, greatly, heavily, highly, markedly, powerfully, profoundly, strongly, substantially

This book influenced her profoundly.

Attitudes are highly influenced by cultural background.

largely, mainly, primarily
partly, slightly
directly, indirectly

Pressure from industry bosses has directly influenced government policy.

clearly, obviously, undoubtedly
critically, crucially, decisively, significantly
favourably/favorably, positively

actions that positively influence health

adversely, negatively
overly, unduly

Be aware of external factors which may unduly influence your judgement.

seem to
attempt to, seek to, try to

We do not seek to influence the decision-making process.


Her parents tried to influence her in her choice of university.

be easily influenced

He was naive and easily influenced by his friends.

Influence is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑factor, ↑gene, ↑philosophy, ↑writing
Influence is used with these nouns as the object: ↑attitude, ↑behaviour, ↑choice, ↑course, ↑debate, ↑decision, ↑design, ↑development, ↑direction, ↑effectiveness, ↑election, ↑evolution, ↑expectation, ↑fate, ↑future, ↑judgement, ↑likelihood, ↑movement, ↑outcome, ↑perception, ↑performance, ↑policy, ↑politics, ↑practice, ↑preference, ↑probability, ↑process, ↑response, ↑result, ↑shape, ↑situation, ↑success, ↑survival, ↑thinking, ↑vote, ↑voter

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