Increasingly is used with these adjectives: ↑absorbed, ↑abstract, ↑active, ↑aggressive, ↑agitated, ↑alarmed, ↑angry, ↑annoyed, ↑anxious, ↑apparent, ↑authoritarian, ↑aware, ↑bad-tempered, ↑bitter, ↑bizarre, ↑bleak, ↑central, ↑centralized, ↑chaotic, ↑clear, ↑comfortable, ↑common, ↑competitive, ↑complex, ↑complicated, ↑concentrated, ↑concerned, ↑confident, ↑confused, ↑congested, ↑conscious, ↑conservative, ↑contentious, ↑convinced, ↑costly, ↑critical, ↑crowded, ↑dangerous, ↑demanding, ↑dependent, ↑depressed, ↑desperate, ↑detailed, ↑difficult, ↑disillusioned, ↑dissatisfied, ↑distant, ↑diverse, ↑dominant, ↑doubtful, ↑dubious, ↑easy, ↑eccentric, ↑effective, ↑efficient, ↑elaborate, ↑embarrassing, ↑entangled, ↑erratic, ↑estranged, ↑evident, ↑excited, ↑expensive, ↑explicit, ↑exposed, ↑familiar, ↑fashionable, ↑frantic, ↑frequent, ↑frustrated, ↑frustrating, ↑futile, ↑harsh, ↑hostile, ↑hysterical, ↑impatient, ↑implausible, ↑important, ↑inadequate, ↑inappropriate, ↑inclined, ↑incompatible, ↑independent, ↑influential, ↑insecure, ↑intensive, ↑interested, ↑intolerable, ↑intrusive, ↑irrational, ↑irrelevant, ↑irritated, ↑isolated, ↑large, ↑likely, ↑limited, ↑lucrative, ↑meaningless, ↑militant, ↑mobile, ↑narrow, ↑nationalistic, ↑negative, ↑nervous, ↑numerous, ↑obsolete, ↑obvious, ↑painful, ↑pervasive, ↑pessimistic, ↑plain, ↑polarized, ↑popular, ↑powerful, ↑precise, ↑preoccupied, ↑probable, ↑professional, ↑prominent, ↑prone, ↑radical, ↑rapid, ↑rare, ↑regular, ↑reliant, ↑reluctant, ↑remote, ↑resentful, ↑resistant, ↑restricted, ↑restrictive, ↑rigid, ↑risky, ↑savage, ↑scarce, ↑sceptical, ↑secular, ↑selective, ↑sensitive, ↑severe, ↑shaky, ↑sophisticated, ↑specialized, ↑steep, ↑sterile, ↑strained, ↑subject, ↑successful, ↑susceptible, ↑suspect, ↑suspicious, ↑tedious, ↑tense, ↑threatening, ↑tight, ↑troubled, ↑unable, ↑uncertain, ↑uncomfortable, ↑uneasy, ↑unhappy, ↑unlikely, ↑unpopular, ↑unstable, ↑urgent, ↑useful, ↑valuable, ↑varied, ↑vicious, ↑violent, ↑vocal, ↑volatile, ↑vulnerable, ↑wary, ↑wide, ↑widespread, ↑willing, ↑worried
Increasingly is used with these verbs: ↑confine, ↑divide, ↑dominate, ↑draw, ↑embrace, ↑emphasize, ↑employ, ↑favour, ↑focus, ↑identify, ↑influence, ↑refine, ↑rely, ↑resemble, ↑threaten, ↑undermine, ↑utilize, ↑value
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