high, lofty, noble

Sam was a real leader who had high moral ideals.


This is not an unattainable ideal.


romantic ideals of motherhood

aesthetic, artistic, cultural, ethical, moral, political, social
democratic, liberal, revolutionary, socialist

Platonic ideals of beauty

be committed to, believe in, cling to, embrace, espouse, have, support

They still clung to the old ideals.


We obviously share the same ideals.

pursue, strive for
achieve, attain, be true to, conform to, live up to, uphold

A journalist should always live up to the ideals of truth, decency, and justice.

fall short of

This agreement falls far short of the ideal.

abandon, betray

She was accused of betraying her political ideals.

embody, reflect, represent

the democratic ideals embodied in the charter

be, look, prove, seem, sound
make sth

The hotel's size makes it ideal for large conferences.

consider sth
almost, nearly (esp. AmE)
hardly, less than

Language learning often takes place in a less than ideal environment.


The houses are absolutely ideal for families with young children.

Ideal is used with these nouns: ↑accompaniment, ↑balance, ↑base, ↑candidate, ↑chance, ↑choice, ↑combination, ↑complement, ↑compromise, ↑condition, ↑destination, ↑duration, ↑environment, ↑fit, ↑foil, ↑image, ↑instrument, ↑job, ↑location, ↑mate, ↑opportunity, ↑physique, ↑place, ↑position, ↑replacement, ↑scenario, ↑setting, ↑situation, ↑solution, ↑spot, ↑starting point, ↑type, ↑vehicle, ↑venue, ↑way, ↑weather, ↑weight, ↑world

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