direct, easy, free, full, good, ready, unfettered, unlimited, unrestricted

Students have easy access to libraries.

limited, poor, restricted

Access to this information is severely restricted.

greater, improved
fast, immediate, instant, quick, rapid

Men and women should have equal access to education and employment.


universal access to education

vehicle, vehicular (BrE), wheelchair
broadband, dial-up, Internet, network, remote, Wi-Fi, wireless

high-speed Internet access

gain, get
give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

The computer provides access to all the information.

demand, require, seek, want
allow (sb), grant (sb)
block, deny sb, limit, prevent, refuse (sb), restrict

Some people are being denied access to adequate medical care.

road, route
course (= helping people without qualifications to study) (BrE)
access for

improved access for disabled visitors

access to

He was finally granted access to the medical records.

Access is used with these nouns as the object: ↑account, ↑application, ↑archive, ↑computer, ↑content, ↑data, ↑database, ↑email, ↑file, ↑information, ↑Internet, ↑menu, ↑network, ↑page, ↑record, ↑resource, ↑service, ↑site, ↑web, ↑website

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