1 act of hitting sth/sb
deliver, give sth, land, make, score

Give it a good hit.

At last he managed to score a hit.

receive, suffer, take

One of the tanks took a direct hit.


She was at the top of the terrorists' hit list (= list of people they intended to kill).

Which services are on the government's hit list? (figurative)

man, squad

He claimed that a hit man had been paid $20 000 to kill him.

2 sb/sth that is very popular
big, greatest, huge, massive, real, runaway, smash

The show has been a smash hit.

breakout (AmE)
immediate, instant
box-office, chart (esp. BrE), pop (esp. BrE)

She is here to promote her latest chart hit.

album, film (esp. BrE), movie (esp. AmE), record, show, single, song
hit with

The series has been a big hit with children.

1 strike

She didn't hit me very hard.


He was hit directly in the back.

almost, nearly

A taxi almost hit him as he was crossing the street.


I accidentally hit my knee on the desk.

want to

I was so angry, I wanted to hit him.

be going to

I was afraid he was going to hit me.


She hit him in the face.


I hit my head on the low doorway.


He hit her with a stick.

hit sb over the head

He was hit over the head with a broken bottle.

2 have a bad effect on sb/sth
badly, hard, heavily, severely

Our department has been badly hit by the cutbacks.

Some businesses have been hit very hard by the rise in interest rates.

Hit is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑arrow, ↑ball, ↑batsman, ↑blast, ↑blizzard, ↑bomb, ↑bullet, ↑car, ↑craze, ↑crisis, ↑cyclone, ↑debris, ↑disaster, ↑earthquake, ↑fire, ↑fist, ↑flood, ↑foot, ↑head, ↑hurricane, ↑idea, ↑illness, ↑inspiration, ↑jinx, ↑lightning, ↑magazine, ↑missile, ↑moonlight, ↑mortar, ↑nausea, ↑pain, ↑ray, ↑realization, ↑recession, ↑rocket, ↑shell, ↑ship, ↑shot, ↑smell, ↑stock, ↑storm, ↑sun, ↑thought, ↑tornado, ↑torpedo, ↑train, ↑typhoon, ↑unemployment, ↑wave
Hit is used with these nouns as the object: ↑accelerator, ↑ball, ↑bar, ↑baseball, ↑bonnet, ↑brake, ↑bump, ↑button, ↑chart, ↑circuit, ↑climax, ↑coast, ↑convoy, ↑cymbal, ↑desk, ↑drive, ↑drum, ↑ear, ↑earth, ↑elbow, ↑fist, ↑floor, ↑forehead, ↑ground, ↑gym, ↑head, ↑headline, ↑high, ↑highway, ↑hood, ↑hurdle, ↑jackpot, ↑kerb, ↑key, ↑lottery, ↑low, ↑lull, ↑mainstream, ↑mall, ↑mark, ↑market, ↑middle age, ↑milestone, ↑mine, ↑morale, ↑news, ↑note, ↑opponent, ↑patch, ↑peak, ↑per cent, ↑pitch, ↑puberty, ↑roadblock, ↑run, ↑sack, ↑shin, ↑shore, ↑shower, ↑showroom, ↑slope, ↑smash, ↑snag, ↑stage, ↑store, ↑stumbling block, ↑surface, ↑switch, ↑target, ↑town, ↑trail, ↑vein, ↑verge, ↑volley

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