air-force, army, coastguard (BrE), Coast Guard (in the US), military, naval, police
civilian, private
ambulance (BrE)

An air ambulance helicopter came to the rescue.

assault, attack, combat
hovering, low-flying

Troops rescued the crew of a downed helicopter.


They crowded onto a roof to board a waiting helicopter.

model (BrE)
fly, pilot

He flew helicopters during the Gulf War.

deploy, dispatch, launch, scramble (BrE)

The police helicopter was scrambled to search for the missing man.

charter, hire (esp. BrE), rent (AmE)
down, shoot down

The helicopter was downed by a missile.


The helicopters were grounded by bad weather.

circle, hover

The helicopter hovered above the airstrip.


Helicopters buzzed overhead.

take off
swoop down, swoop in
carry sb, ferry sb, transport sb

a helicopter carrying troops

airlift sb, rescue sb

A rescue helicopter airlifted the injured man to hospital.

be equipped with sth
fire (sth)
drop sth

Helicopters dropped supplies.

patrol sth
flight, ride, trip (esp. BrE)

We're going to take a helicopter tour of the island.

assault, attack, strike
rescue, search
deck, pad
crew, pilot
carrier, gunship
accident, crash
by helicopter

The victims were flown to the hospital by helicopter.

in a/the helicopter

There were three people in the helicopter when it crashed.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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