fully equipped, well-equipped (both esp. BrE)
high-school (esp. AmE), school
home (esp. AmE)
climbing, jungle (both AmE)

I joined the local gym.

go to, hit (esp. AmE)

I hit the gym at 6.00 again this morning.

session (esp. BrE), workout
floor (esp. AmE)
bag, clothes, shoes (= shoes for the gym), socks, shorts (all esp. AmE)
shoes (= light canvas shoes) (BrE)
class (esp. AmE)

I played basketball in gym class.

teacher (esp. AmE)

a high-school gym teacher

rat (AmE, slang)

He's a bit of a gym rat (= spends all his time in the gym).

at the gym

You can tell he works out at the gym.

in the gym

She spends all her time in the gym.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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