1 people in control of a country
central, federal, local, national, provincial, regional, state
Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Republican, etc.

the country's new Communist government

left-wing, right-wing

The socialists won 42% of the seats and formed a minority government.

caretaker, interim, provisional, transitional

The president dissolved the assembly and swore in an interim government.

French, Western, etc.

The report on world poverty calls for urgent action from Western governments.

current, future, new

The present government was elected last year.

establish, form

A new government was formed in September of that year.


A puppet government was installed as the occupying forces withdrew.

swear in
head, run

a new government headed by a former military leader

bring down, destabilize, oust, overthrow, topple

This crisis could bring down the British government.

The group aims to overthrow the military government.

come to power
take office

On May 23 a coalition government took office.

fall, resign

a national emergency that could cause the government to fall

announce sth

The government announced the cancellation of the dam project.

introduce sth, launch sth
agency, body, department
building, offices
funds, money
aid, assistance, backing, funding, grant, subsidy, support
expenditure, spending

The hospital has been hit by government cuts.

control, regulation
intervention, involvement

calls for government intervention in the dispute

employee, minister, official, representative, spokesman, spokesperson

According to government sources, two people died in the incident.

figures, statistics
reshuffle (esp. BrE)

The former minister was relieved of his post in last month's extensive government reshuffle.

decisions, legislation, measures, plans, policy, programme/program, proposals
in government

a problem facing whichever party is in government

under a/the government

measures that were introduced under the last government

a change in government, a change of government

It is time we had a change of government.

the government of the day

This was a decision taken by the government of the day.

a member of a government

The president has been meeting members of the French government.

2 act of governing
democratic, representative
firm (esp. BrE), good, strong

We need strong government to take the country through this crisis.

big, small

The era of big government may be over.

We believe in low taxation and small government.

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