1 purpose/special duty of sb/sth
important, useful, valuable
critical, crucial, essential, key, vital
chief, main, major, primary, prime
particular, specific

The committee has a dual function, both advisory and regulatory.

bodily, brain, liver, mental, etc.

Fortunately, his head injuries left his bodily functions unimpaired.

carry out, fulfil/fulfill, perform, serve

All members carry out their own particular functions.

The club serves a useful function as a meeting place.

2 important social event
charity, official, social

The couple attended a charity function in aid of cancer research.

attend, go to

The reception will be held in the hotel's function room.

effectively, efficiently, smoothly, successfully, well
flawlessly, perfectly
correctly, normally, properly

All the instruments were functioning normally.

I can't function properly without a coffee.

adequately, satisfactorily

Problems arise when the body's immune system is not functioning adequately.


My brain could barely function through the pain.

autonomously, independently

a system in which judges function independently of politics

largely, mainly, primarily

The organization functions primarily through volunteer efforts.


This model does not describe accurately the way a market economy actually functions.


The bombs continued to fall, but somehow the city still functioned.

be able to, be unable to, can

When nutrients are in short supply the body cannot function normally.

begin to
continue to
cease to
fully functioning

The group has now become a fully functioning political organization.

Function is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑brain, ↑economy, ↑system

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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