noun ⇨ See also ↑soccer
1 game
attractive, good
entertaining, exciting, great
fine, fluent, neat (all BrE)
one-touch (BrE)

The Dutch team impressed the fans with their classy one-touch football.

amateur, pro (esp. AmE), professional
boys', girls', men's, women's
junior, senior (both BrE)
first-team (BrE)
college, high-school (AmE), varsity (AmE)
club, league, non-league (all BrE)
domestic (BrE), international, world
live (esp. BrE)
American (BrE), Australian rules, Canadian, Gaelic
flag, tackle, touch (all AmE)
five-a-side (BrE)

Even people who don't follow football closely take great pride in their team.

club, league
squad, team
hero, legend, player, star
field, ground (BrE), pitch (BrE), stadium
terraces (BrE)

The government is trying to tackle violence on the football terraces.

boots (BrE), cleats (AmE), jersey, kit (BrE), shirt, shoes (AmE), shorts (BrE), strip (BrE), uniform (AmE)
helmet, pads (both in American football)
captain, coach, referee
agent, management, manager
fan, follower (BrE), jock (AmE), supporter (BrE)
championship, game, match (BrE), play-off (esp. AmE), tournament
draft (AmE)
practice, training
hooliganism, violence (both esp. BrE)
hooligan (esp. BrE)
chant (BrE)
coverage, news
commentator, pundit (esp. BrE), writer

The football world was rocked by the scandal.

scholarship (esp. AmE)
trial (BrE), tryout (AmE)
2 ball
political (figurative)

Children's education should not be treated as a political football.

catch, kick, kick around (BrE), punt (AmE), throw, toss (esp. AmE)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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