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  • fixed-penalty — fixed penˈalty adjective Of or relating to an offence, such as illegal parking, the penalty for which is invariable and obligatory, eg a fine which may be imposed and paid without the offender appearing in court • • • Main Entry: ↑fix …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fixed Penalty Notice — Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) were introduced in Great Britain in the 1950s to deal with minor parking offences. Originally used by police and traffic wardens, their use has extended to other public officials and authorities, as has the range of… …   Wikipedia

  • fixed penalty notice — a notice that offers the alleged offender the opportunity to pay a fine, in which case the matter is not prosecuted, thereby sparing the offender a conviction and saving time and expense. The alleged offender has the option to proceed to refuse… …   Law dictionary

  • penalty — pen‧al‧ty [ˈpenlti] noun penalties PLURALFORM [countable] 1. a punishment for breaking a law or rule: penalty for • There will be increased penalties for dumping oil at sea. • The offence carries a maximum …   Financial and business terms

  • penalty — noun 1 punishment ADJECTIVE ▪ harsh, heavy, hefty, severe, stiff, strict, substantial, tough ▪ draconian …   Collocations dictionary

  • penalty — pen·al·ty / pen əl tē/ n pl ties 1: a punishment that is imposed on a wrongdoer by statute or judicial decision 2: a pecuniary sum that by agreement is to be paid by a party who fails to fulfill an obligation to another and that is punitive… …   Law dictionary

  • penalty — [pen′əl tē] n. pl. penalties [LME penalyte < ML poenalitas < L poenalis: see PENAL] 1. a punishment fixed by law, as for a crime or breach of contract 2. the disadvantage, suffering, handicap, etc. imposed upon an offender or one who does… …   English World dictionary

  • Fixed rate mortgage — A fixed rate mortgage (FRM) is a mortgage loan where the interest rate on the note remains the same through the term of the loan, as opposed to loans where the interest rate may adjust or float. Other forms of mortgage loan include interest only… …   Wikipedia

  • Fixed Amortization Method — One of three methods by which early retirees of any age can access their retirement funds without penalty before turning 50.5. The fixed amortization method amortizes the retiree s account balance over his/her remaining life expectancy as… …   Investment dictionary

  • Fixed Annuitization Method — One of three methods by which early retirees of any age can access their retirement funds without penalty before turning 50.5. The fixed annuitization method divides the retiree s account balance by an annuity factor taken from IRS tables to… …   Investment dictionary

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