1 (also first gear) lowest gear on a bicycle/vehicle
get into, move into, slam into

As he moved into first, the engine made a strange noise.

engage (formal)

She engaged first gear and pulled off.

put sth into

Put the car into first and pull off slowly.


It's very difficult to find first on this car.

in first

I had to drive all the way home in first.

2 (BrE) highest level of university degree

She did Philosophy and English Literature and got a double first.

be awarded, gain, get, obtain
first in

He got a first in modern history.

First is used with these nouns: ↑communion, ↑world
First is used with these nouns: ↑act, ↑aim, ↑album, ↑anniversary, ↑appearance, ↑appointment, ↑arrival, ↑attempt, ↑ballot, ↑batter, ↑bid, ↑boyfriend, ↑chamber, ↑chapter, ↑choice, ↑course, ↑cousin, ↑dance, ↑date, ↑degree, ↑division, ↑draft, ↑edition, ↑encounter, ↑episode, ↑finger, ↑floor, ↑frost, ↑gear, ↑generation, ↑girlfriend, ↑glimpse, ↑guess, ↑half, ↑hint, ↑hurdle, ↑husband, ↑importance, ↑impression, ↑impulse, ↑inclination, ↑inhabitant, ↑inkling, ↑instalment, ↑instinct, ↑job, ↑kiss, ↑lady, ↑language, ↑lap, ↑leg, ↑love, ↑manifestation, ↑marriage, ↑measure, ↑meeting, ↑memory, ↑mention, ↑mortgage, ↑mouthful, ↑move, ↑movement, ↑name, ↑night, ↑novel, ↑objective, ↑offence, ↑offender, ↑offer, ↑option, ↑overtime, ↑page, ↑pang, ↑part, ↑phase, ↑portion, ↑position, ↑post, ↑preference, ↑pregnancy, ↑prerequisite, ↑priority, ↑prize, ↑quarter, ↑rank, ↑reaction, ↑recommendation, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑refusal, ↑report, ↑round, ↑row, ↑rule, ↑school, ↑secretary, ↑seed, ↑semester, ↑sergeant, ↑settler, ↑shock, ↑shot, ↑sign, ↑signatory, ↑single, ↑sip, ↑skirmish, ↑snow, ↑snowfall, ↑soprano, ↑stab, ↑stage, ↑step, ↑storey, ↑syllable, ↑symphony, ↑taste, ↑team, ↑term, ↑thing, ↑third, ↑thought, ↑time, ↑train, trimester, ↑try, ↑violin, ↑visit, ↑volume, ↑voyage, ↑warning, ↑wave, ↑wife
First is used with these verbs: ↑appear, ↑discover, ↑encounter, ↑introduce, ↑meet, ↑propose

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