1 knowledge/skill obtained by seeing/doing sth
considerable, extensive, great, long, vast, wide
limited, little

companies with limited experience in the field

good, invaluable, valuable

She didn't get paid much but it was all good experience.


Both candidates for the presidency were short of relevant experience.

previous, prior

Do you have any previous experience of this type of work?

direct, first-hand, hands-on, practical, real, real-world

the importance of hands-on experience as well as academic training

professional, work
clinical, teaching
field (esp. AmE)

Students require field experience rather than just observation.

gain, get
offer, provide

The returning soldiers bring valuable experience to the Army.


She wanted to broaden her experience in international affairs.

experience of

She has considerable professional experience of translation.

a lack of experience, a wealth of experience

The new player will bring a wealth of experience to the team.

2 the things that have happened to you

We're in for a difficult couple of weeks, if past experience is anything to go by.

direct, first-hand, hands-on, lived, personal

She has brought personal experience to bear on her analyses of business history.


I love reading: I have an insatiable appetite for vicarious experience.


Experience is subjective and very hard to measure.

common, shared

his peers, with whom he shares the common experience of being black in a white society


It is a matter of common experience that disorder will increase if things are left to themselves.

daily, everyday

Choose illustrative examples from the children's everyday experience.


There are few areas of human experience that have not been written about.

learn by, learn from

We all learn from experience.

be based on, draw on

The book is based on personal experience.

In her book, she draws on her first-hand experience of mental illness.


These views reflect my own personal experience.

suggest sth, teach (sb) sth

Experience has taught me that life can be very unfair.

show sth

Experience shows that this strategy does not always work.

by experience, from experience

We know from experience that hot objects are painful to touch.

in sb's experience

In my experience, very few people really understand the problem.

experience of

He has direct experience of poverty.

3 event/activity that affects you
enjoyable, exhilarating, good, great, interesting, memorable, pleasant, positive, rewarding, rich, unforgettable, valuable, wonderful
bad, harrowing, negative, painful, traumatic, unnerving, unsettling

I had a bad experience with fireworks once.

hair-raising, nerve-racking

a hair-raising experience of white-water rafting

humbling, salutary (BrE), sobering
personal, subjective
collective, common, shared

The use of drama can motivate students by allowing them to share a common experience.


It is a common experience to feel that an author writes well, without being able to say why.

overall, whole

He found the whole experience traumatic.

childhood, early, formative

Early experiences shape the way we deal with crises in later life.

educational, learning
listening, viewing

The goal is to enhance the user experience on computing devices.

mystical, religious, spiritual, visionary

his first sexual experience

enjoy, go through, have, undergo

I think you will enjoy the experience of taking part in the show.

She has been through a very traumatic experience.

come through, get over

It could take him years to get over this experience.

describe, discuss, recount, relate, report, talk about

Does anyone have any experiences—good or bad—that they would like to share with the group?


Reliving past experiences can release powerful feelings that have been pent up too long.

be based on

The novel is based on his experiences in the war.

create, offer

We aim to create an experience the consumer will remember.


The sound system greatly enhances the experience of the movie.

quite an experience

It was quite an experience being involved in running the festival.

directly, first-hand, personally

He hadn't directly experienced the fighting in the city.

people who have actually experienced these problems first-hand


It was wonderful to go to the movies and vicariously experience the struggles of others.

Experience is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑economy, ↑immigrant, ↑industry, ↑participant
Experience is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abuse, ↑alienation, ↑anguish, ↑anxiety, ↑attack, ↑benefit, ↑block, ↑boom, ↑conversion, ↑crisis, ↑death, ↑decline, ↑decrease, ↑defeat, ↑delay, ↑depression, ↑deprivation, ↑deterioration, ↑diarrhoea, ↑difficulty, ↑dip, ↑disability, ↑disadvantage, ↑disappointment, ↑disaster, ↑discomfort, ↑discrimination, ↑disruption, ↑distress, ↑disturbance, ↑divorce, ↑downturn, ↑drop, ↑earthquake, ↑effect, ↑elation, ↑emotion, ↑episode, ↑erosion, ↑expansion, ↑failure, ↑fatigue, ↑fear, ↑feeling, ↑flash, ↑flavour, ↑fluctuation, ↑frustration, ↑grief, ↑growth, ↑guilt, ↑hallucination, ↑hardship, ↑headache, ↑high, ↑horror, ↑illness, ↑improvement, ↑incident, ↑increase, ↑influx, ↑injury, ↑injustice, ↑intimacy, ↑irritation, ↑isolation, ↑joy, ↑loneliness, ↑love, ↑magic, ↑menopause, ↑migraine, ↑nausea, ↑pain, ↑pang, ↑period, ↑persecution, ↑pleasure, ↑pressure, ↑problem, ↑racism, ↑reaction, ↑recession, ↑recurrence, ↑reduction, ↑relapse, ↑relief, ↑revival, ↑rush, ↑sensation, ↑sense, ↑setback, ↑shift, ↑shortage, ↑sickness, ↑side effect, ↑spasm, ↑stress, ↑strife, ↑success, ↑suffering, ↑surge, ↑symptom, ↑thrill, ↑tragedy, ↑trauma, ↑turmoil, ↑twinge, ↑upheaval, ↑urge, ↑vision, ↑wonder

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