considerable, great, heavy, high, huge, large, major, massive, significant

The group is calling for higher expenditure on education.

low, minimum, modest

the family's average expenditure on food

aggregate, overall, total
gross, net (both esp. BrE)
additional, extra, further
decreased, increased
necessary, unnecessary
estimated, planned, projected, proposed

The next two items refer to actual expenditures incurred, rather than estimates.

current, future

Pay constitutes two thirds of all current expenditure.

per capita

the country with the highest per capita expenditure on health care in the EU


the total direct expenditure on training


The company reduced capital expenditure on plant and machinery.

Capital expenditure can be financed by borrowing; operating expenditure should not.

financial (esp. AmE)
local, national
federal, government, public, state

Public expenditure was running at 44.6% of GNP.

business, corporate (esp. AmE)
household, independent (AmE, politics), personal, personal-consumption (AmE), private
advertising, marketing, research, research and development (abbreviated to R & D)
defence/defense, education, health, health-care, medical, military, security, social, tax, welfare, etc.

You may wish to take out a loan for a major item of expenditure.

make (esp. AmE)

They intended to make capital expenditures for equipment and expansion.

control, cut, limit, minimize, reduce

plans to cut health expenditure

approve, authorize

The results justified the expenditure.

incur (esp. BrE)

Mr Davis incurred substantial expenditure on the farmhouse.

involve, require

Malls require huge expenditures on air conditioning.


Both brands had heavy advertising expenditure.

finance, fund, meet

Make sure you have enough in the current account to meet expenditure.

go up, grow, increase, rise
fall, go down
amount to sth

Total expenditure amounted to approximately £1 million.

exceed sth

people whose annual expenditure exceeds their income

arise from sth, arise out of sth (esp. BrE)

extra expenditure arising from the commission's report into health and safety


public expenditure cuts

expenditure for

They incurred enormous expenditures for publicity during the launch years.

expenditure of

government expenditure of more than £500 million

expenditure on

increased expenditure on the rail network

a cut in expenditure, a reduction in expenditure
an increase in expenditure, a rise in expenditure

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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