1 formal test ⇨ See also ↑examination
entrance, placement (AmE) (placement test in BrE)
exit (AmE), final, graduation (AmE)

the California high-school exit exam

end-of-semester (esp. AmE), end-of-term (esp. BrE), end-of-year
semester (AmE)
midterm (esp. AmE)
college (AmE), school

Girls are doing better than boys in every school exam. (BrE)

I just finished my last law school exam. (AmE)

external (esp. BrE)
A level, GCSE (in the UK)
SAT (in the US)
certification, licensing, qualifying (all AmE)

students who passed the national teacher certification exam

bar (AmE)

the New York state bar exam

chemistry, French, geography, etc.
comprehensive (AmE)

a Master's program's comprehensive exam

mock (BrE)

I did badly in the mock exam but passed the real thing.

multiple-choice, oral, practical, written
cram for (esp. AmE), prepare for, review for (AmE), revise for (BrE), study for

I can't go out because I'm revising for end of year exams.

do (BrE), sit (BrE, formal), sit for (AmE, formal), take

When do you sit your final exams?

resit (BrE), retake

In spite of her worries, she passed the exam.

fail, flunk (informal, esp. AmE)
ace (AmE, informal), do well in (BrE), do well on (AmE)

I want to do well in my exams.

do badly in (BrE), do badly on (AmE)
cheat in (BrE), cheat on (AmE)

Candidates found cheating in/on any exam will be disqualified.


The final exam is set by an external board.

administer, invigilate (esp. BrE), proctor (AmE)
grade (AmE), mark (BrE)
begin, start
be coming up

The midterm exams are coming up.

be over, end (esp. AmE), finish (esp. BrE)

As soon as the exams are over I'm off to Mexico.

practice, preparation, revision (BrE)
paper, question
grade, marks (BrE), results (esp. BrE), score (esp. AmE)
pass (esp. BrE)
technique (BrE)
nerves (BrE)

Most students suffer from exam nerves to some extent.

period, time, week (esp. AmE)

There is a subdued atmosphere in the school at exam time.

board (BrE)

The regional exam boards try to ensure equal standards.

in an/the exam (BrE)

He did badly in his history exam.

on an/the exam (AmE)

We had to study to do well on the exam.

exam for

an exam for nurses

exam in

an exam in chemistry

exam on

We had an English exam on this play.

2 (AmE) medical test

She performed a thorough exam and didn't find anything unusual.


The follow-up exams showed the baby was healthy.

gynecological, neurological, etc.
abdominal, pelvic, rectal, etc. (all medical)
breast, chest, eye, etc.

You should have a clinical breast exam every year.

ultrasound, X-ray, etc.
do, perform

I had an eye exam.

reveal sth, show sth

A cardiac exam revealed a regular rate and rhythm.

room, table
exam of

an ultrasound exam of the baby

exam on

The doctor will then perform a physical exam on the child.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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