1 ability to be active/work hard
boundless, endless, inexhaustible, limitless, unflagging, unlimited

I admire her boundless energy.

pure, raw, sheer
excess, surplus
nervous, restless

There is a lack of creative energy in the industry.

emotional, mental, physical, sexual
negative, positive
amount, level

You can judge how healthy you are by the amount of energy you have.

great deal

Bringing up twins requires a great deal of energy.


With a sudden burst of energy, he ran to the top of the hill.

be bursting with, be full of, have

The children are always full of energy.

I don't seem to have any energy these days.

exude, radiate

You could feel the energy coming back to you from the audience.


He never seems to lack energy.


She put all her energy into her work.

I will put all my energies into improving the situation. (esp. BrE)

expend (formal), spend, use
channel, concentrate, devote, direct, focus, turn

Prisoners are encouraged to channel their energy into exercise.

add, bring, give
conserve, save
work off

The kids were running around, working off their surplus energy.


We don't want to waste our energy trying to persuade people who are just not interested.

drain, sap

The hills sapped his energy and he got off his bike for frequent rests.

muster, muster up, summon, summon up

She eventually summoned up the energy to cook dinner.


We must invest our time and energy in the development of our craft.


It was late and my energy was beginning to flag.

dissipate, drain away
level, reserves

My energy levels are still low.

bar, drink

Sugar provides an energy boost.

energy and enthusiasm

She always works with energy and enthusiasm.

an outlet for your energy

Football gives them an outlet for their energy.

time or energy

I don't have the time or energy to argue with you.

a waste of energy

It's a waste of energy cutting this grass—nobody's going to see it.

2 source of power
alternative, clean, green, renewable

the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy

atomic, nuclear, solar, wave, wind

The new power station produces vast amounts of energy.

generate, produce

attempts to harness solar energy

provide, supply
consume, use

No battery could store enough energy to turn over a car's engine.

conserve, save
need, require
consumption, use
demand, needs, requirements

total energy requirements for the coming year


The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation's energy supplies.

resources, sources
reserves, stores

equipment that offers long-term energy savings

bill, costs, prices
crisis, problem, shortage

The country could face an energy crisis if demand continues to rise.

company, industry, sector

state control of the energy industries


The cost of solar power needs to fall before it makes an impact on the energy market.

plan, policy, programme/program, project, strategy

a government-sponsored renewable energy project

independence (esp. AmE)
a demand for energy

The demand for energy is expected to increase dramatically.

a form of energy
a source of energy

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