paid, salaried
full-time, part-time
lifelong, lifetime, long-term, permanent, stable, steady
short-term, temporary
gainful, meaningful

The company was one of the first to offer meaningful employment to the blind.

full, total

The government aims to achieve full employment within three years.

high, low

an area of very low employment

skilled, unskilled
blue-collar, white-collar
factory, office
federal, public
female, male

policies aimed at maintaining a high level of employment

look for, seek

recent graduates seeking employment

find, gain, get, obtain, secure

He finally secured employment in a local factory.

accept, take up (formal)

He took up employment with the company in May 2002.

give up, leave, lose

She lost her employment when the company closed.


One company terminated his employment after 30 days.

give sb, offer sb
create, generate, provide

This investment will certainly create employment in the area.

The steelworks provided employment for thousands of people.

ensure, guarantee
boost, increase, raise, stimulate

policies designed to stimulate employment

grow, increase, rise
decline, fall
opportunities, options, possibilities, prospects

There are few employment prospects in the town for unqualified young people.

discrimination (esp. AmE)

laws prohibiting employment discrimination

programme/program (esp. AmE)

a state-subsidized employment programme/program

agency, service

The survey studied the employment status of people within the community.


Interviewers will look carefully at a candidate's employment history.

agreement, contract
conditions, terms
data, figures, records, statistics
levels, rate
picture, situation

The employment picture is not good.

patterns, trends

graduates entering the employment market


the government's full-employment policy

law, legislation
tax (AmE)

The company's employment practices have been widely criticized.

in employment

Most of last year's graduates are now in employment.

out of employment

She had been out of employment for three years.

conditions of employment, terms of employment

Union negotiate conditions of employment.

a contract of employment
patterns of employment, trends of employment

significant changes in patterns of employment

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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