decent, excellent, first-class, good, high-quality, quality, well-rounded

Although he had had little formal education, he could read and write well.


He received a classical education.

all-round (BrE), basic, general

He'd received an excellent general education in Poland.

comprehensive (esp. BrE), public-school (= provided by the government) (AmE), universal

the party's policy on comprehensive education

Nigeria committed itself to universal primary education.

early-childhood (esp. AmE), preschool
elementary, primary (esp. BrE)
secondary (esp. BrE)
adult, continuing, further (BrE), higher, tertiary

a college of further education

41% had some post-secondary education.

college (esp. AmE), high-school (in the US), public-school (= private) (in the UK), university
graduate, undergraduate (both esp. AmE)
remedial (AmE), special
in-service, professional, vocational
military, teacher
maternal, parental

How well a child does at school is influenced by the level of parental education.

distance, online (both esp. AmE)

Technology allows distance education to occur at all levels.

AIDS, health
sex, sexuality (AmE)
arts, music, science, etc.
religious, theological
full-time, part-time
public, state

parents who choose private education for their children

Catholic, Christian, etc.

Researchers have found that single-sex education may benefit girls.

bilingual, multicultural
acquire, get, have, obtain, receive

He was at a disadvantage because of the poor education he had received.


She brought up two children while pursuing a college education.

deliver, give sb, offer, provide (sb with)

The school provides an excellent general education.

deny sb

No one is denied an education because they are poor in this country.


Many people lack the education and training that is needed for these jobs.


students entering higher education

continue, extend

She went to college to continue her education.


young people who are just leaving full-time education

complete, finish

He went to America to complete his education.

improve, reform

The project seeks to improve education for students.

finance sb's, fund sb's

They set up an account to fund their daughter's education.

authority (in the UK), committee, department, ministry (in the UK), sector, service, system

funds provided by the local education authority

We need to invest in the higher education sector.

officer (esp. BrE), official
minister, secretary (both in the UK)
campaign, initiative, programme/program, project, scheme (BrE)

The department has launched a new health education campaign.


They want to broaden their research and education activities.

facilities, materials, resources
budget, funding
class, course, session

adult education courses


Parents should begin the sex education process long before it begins in school.

centre/center, college, establishment, institution, provider

children in early education settings

community (esp. AmE), world

a policy that has been adopted by the entire education community

expert, leader, specialist
requirement (AmE)

There are additional education requirements for nurses on this course.

levels, standards

efforts to improve education standards

loan (AmE) (student loan in BrE)
in education

students in full-time education

through education

We acquire much of our world knowledge through education.

education about

education about danger on the roads

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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