high, record, strong
low, meagre/meager
annual, hourly, quarterly, weekly
first-quarter, second-quarter, etc.
expected, future, projected

the company's projected earnings for the next twelve months

gross, pre-tax, taxable
after-tax, net

Her net earnings last year were $15 000.


Blue-collar workers saw their real earnings diminish.

export, investment
company, corporate
career, lifetime

Her win in Australia has taken her career earnings through the million-dollar barrier.

lost (law)

damages awarded for lost earnings

immoral (= by working as a prostitute) (BrE, law)

He was jailed for six months in June for living off immoral earnings.


Levels of earnings are still rising.


People with a university education tend to have higher earnings.


earnings generated by investing your income

calculate, estimate

You must declare all earnings to authorities.

boost, increase, lift (esp. AmE), push (esp. AmE), raise

The show has pushed her earnings past $2 million a year.

announce, post, report (all business)

The company reported earnings of $2.9 million.

estimate, forecast, projection

his 2008 earnings estimate of 73 cents a share


the second-quarter earnings announcement


An earnings shortfall might point to problems with our forecasting abilities.

earnings from

Chile's earnings from exports rose by 2%.

earnings of

annual earnings of £20 000

ten times, twenty times, etc. earnings

The stock trades at about 40 times earnings.

growth in earnings

the growth in average earnings over the last ten years

loss of earnings

She is also claiming compensation for loss of earnings.

revenue and earnings, revenues and earnings

long-term increases in corporate revenues and earnings

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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